N'Rootsi Jamaican Roots Wine

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N'Rootsi Jamaican Roots Wine
13cl / 13%
N'Rootsi is a weird and wonderful Jamaican roots wine containing fermented herbs and spices including ginger root, elderflower, rosehip, burdock root, cinnamon, nettle, St. John's Wort, rosemary, sage, dandelion and cola nut, along with honey and demerara sugar. Sounds awesome.
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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
nRootsi tastes so yummy to me. It's basically liquid health that will energize, elevate and heal you. Yes, please. More Roots!
- anonymous, 3rd Jun '13
Pretty damned unpalatable, to be honest. I'm sure the taste might grow on you if you worked for it, but it's not really worth it; and at this size and price, you're not buying to get drunk off them.
- anonymous, 14th Jun '10
Drank a bottle and the next few hours were a blur. Flashes of naked women and cream
- Mike the stag, 12th Mar '10
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