I W Harper 12 Year Old

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I W Harper 12 Year Old
75cl / 43%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
A very high quality long-aged Kentucky straight bourbon in a quality glass decanter.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
More Details:
CountryUSABottling StatusDiscontinuedAge12 Year Old
Customer Reviews: (26 reviews)
I used to drink it straight up, on the rocks or maybe cut with a bit of water but a truly fine treat, on the rocks with smidgeon of good anisette. GREAT!
- Mitchell "K", 3rd February
I have been fortunate enough to find a supply. I have 32 pints and 4 5th. I enjoy about 2-3 drinks a week so it will last a while. I still recomment "Old Charter" as a substitute to I W Harper and it is available at most suppliers.
- A. Jennings, Wasilla, Alaska, 11th Apr '13
Found a bottle elderly parents cabinet. Unopened It looks like a very old bottle. I can remember it being on that shelf for at least 30 years. The bottle says aged 5. What a find. I opened it and must say it is grand! Wondering how much it would have been worth?
- anonymous, 29th Dec '12
Japan, seems to want the best. Dang um :-(
- Jack, 26th Nov '12
This is without a doubt one of the finest bourbons a man can have and enjoy. My only complaint is I can not find a place to buy more!
- P Acton - Illinois, 23rd Aug '12
As good a reason to move to Japan as any.
- Micheal Rhian Driscoll, 3rd Aug '12
I missed many a week-end at the 26 club just outside NELLIS AFB in Nevada with my buddy I. W. back in the late 60's fine burbon.....don't remember the women
- anonymous, 24th Jul '12
The entire production of I. W. Harper is now sent to Japan as they pay more than will be paid by US aficionados. I buy a bottle at the Narita duty-free whenever I go through Japan on business.
- Colonel Burton, 12th Mar '12
The Pago-Pago Bar in LongBeach Ca kept a supply of IW Harper on hand when I was in the Corps in '55. Developed a taste for it and Jim Beam in Frankfurt Germany in '50. Still miss the flavor of I.W. Harper
- C.W.Phillips, 21st Feb '12
You are right this is a good whiskey I have one bottle left that I have had since 1996
- O. Mitchell Owensboro Ky., 22nd Dec '11
My old man used to drink Harper. I never knew he had taste. Turns out, he did. Miss it.
- I.P. Sideways, 30th Nov '11
Nectar of the Gods
- David Apps, Pertth. Western Australia, 14th Oct '11
I miss my I.W.Harper. Years back I was in a liquor store and a salesmen came in and I asked him what happened to I.W.? He told me it all went to Japan. Why would they do that to us? It was the best. Couldn't a supply be split half here , half there?
- anonymous, 11th Oct '11
Add me to the "usta" list. I drank I.W. Harper 100 proof in the early 60s when I was in high school. It seemed to me that it was smoother and tastier than its lower proof cousins. I'll have to try some of the recommendations here. Thanks guys.
- anonymous, 9th Mar '11
IW Harper was made by Schenley.I worked for them in 1956.At the time I couldn't afford to buy it.It was a preimium brand.Schenley went out of business many years ago.
- anonymous, 21st Feb '11
I use to drink I. W. Harper back in the 80s. They sold it in the state liquor stores. Best bourbon ever. The closet I can come to now is Woodford Reserve. I wish Harper would sell to the US market again.
- hddcrash, Moultonborough, NH Jan 2011, 12th Jan '11
i first tasted iw harper in berlin germany in the very early 50s and i loved it ever since i,m 78 years old and i still love it
- lou gianga, 17th Nov '10
The main character in "Sometimes a Great Notion," Ken Kesey's second book (nowhere near as successful, but just as good as "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"). He drank nothing but IW Harper and if it was good for him, I figured it was good for me. And was it! How I miss the stuff. I've never been able to find a bourbon that comes close. Best I can do is MacAllan 12-year old scotch whisky, which has that same sweet smoothness of our old friend Mr. Harper.
- anonymous, 8th Nov '10
I use to buy it in the PX in Long Bien Vietnam. I drank it for years afterward with Coke, nothing better.
- crator, 13th Oct '10
It is still produced in the US, but is sold almost exclusively in the Asian market, primarily Japan, where it is very popular.
- Marty, 16th Jun '10
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