Jack Daniel's Old No.7

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Jack Daniel's Old No.7
70cl / 40%
Tennessee Whiskey
The original all-conquering cola-friendly colossus, Jack Daniel's No. 7 commands a legion of fans worldwide, thanks to the sweet smoothness imparted by the Lincoln County Process of charcoal-mellowing the spirit before maturation.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Billy A

Nose: Brown sugar syrup, sour raisins, wood polish, resin, green leaves, hints of wood glue.

Palate: Sweet, with light body and mouth-feel. Dutch chocolate strands on toast, orange touches, perfumed wood, cinnamon.

Finish: Terry's Chocolate orange, more wood polish and some lingering char.

Customer Reviews:(29 reviews)
Really great taste and not any hangover on next morning.cheers JD.
- rishi kapoor jalalabadi 4m chandigarh, 20th Dec '13
great bourbon. goes down well and gets the job done without unpleasant next day aftershocks.
- anonymous, 24th Sep '13
Limey twits. Get you whiskey straight: Jack Daniels is a TENNESSEE whiskey, NOT a bourbon! Old no. 7 has an incredibly mellow mouth-feel, and a great kick on the way down. Gentleman Jack is sweeter on the palate with minimal after burn. Drink it neat or drink my fist. Certainly not the only whiskey worth a tilt- but the thought of this spirit having a bad reputation to any degree in any place is chilling.
- Dirty Dan, 12th Sep '13
I agree with most of the collective positive opinions; JD is frowned upon by snobs and - according to my own subjective self - they are missing out on charm and roughness (in a good way)and uniqueness! Drinking single malts all the time is like having beluga caviar everyday (I'm not pleased with my analogy, but you get the idea...)
- anonymous, 17th Jun '13
thedrink is fantastic when compared to jhoneywalker group. leaving for india in a couple of weeks.missing jackdaniel imean whisky
- mvs.kameswar rao india., 15th Apr '13
It's the first whiskey I started drinking in my late teens or early twenties and also taught me to drink my spirits neat. A decade or so later and I enjoy trying as many different whiskies as I can but still have a soft spot for JD. Not the most complex bottle in my collection but ideal for sipping all evening playing Texas Hold'em with the lads! Whisky snobs may put it down but it's a legendry drink and justifiably popular.
- The Colonel, 8th Apr '13
This has a bit of a bad reputation but in my opinion, that is unfair to the folks who make this. It reminds me very much of Dutch liquorice candy and it's perhaps the most 'oily' whiskey I've ever had. If that's your thing, Old No. 7 is an excellent choice.
- Juergen - Netherlands, 2nd Jan '13
As you see Jack Daniel's everywhere!!!! Until I tried it I thought it wouldn't be anything special, but I was surprised, it has a good flavour and well worth the price.
- anonymous, 17th Oct '12
This whiskey has a bit of an image problem, in that it's widely associated with the 'wrong' type of people (my local ASDA keeps it in a locked display case with more expensive spirits, so it probably gets shoplifted a lot). This is unfair: it's a smooth, mellow whiskey, good enough to drink neat, but not too good to mix. If I can't recommend it strongly, it's only because it's so commonly available, and there are so many other whiskeys to try.
- jic, 26th Aug '12
first whisky I tasted, and I love it, although I prefer Gentleman Jack for its smoother taste this is still awesome at a cheaper price.
- TS, 16th Nov '11
Although this is an American Whiskey but I have to confess that it's really better than Chivas, J.Walker (8-12 years).If I think bout drinking.This is first of my list and then the Ballantine's.
- anonymous, 10th Nov '11
In spite of what some self-proclaimed whisk(e)y experts say, this is a quality whiskey. I for one find it too sweet for my likings.
- Juergen, 4th Jun '11
Oh my. You just can't beat this as a sippin whisky, neat, and I actually prefer it to Gentleman Jack. But then I have a sweet tooth. Always in a dilemma whether to buy a bottle of this or J.Walker B Label, as the price is so similar. 50/50 so far :-) Drink and Enjoy!
- anonymous, 14th Apr '11
As a scotch drinker little used to American whisk(e)y I personally found the charred-wood taste rather unpleasant. Straight or with simple ice the burnt taste overpowers all the other flavors, but hey, it goes well with coke so I guess it's OK as a party drink.
- kelly, 15th Oct '10
This is a gentle introduction to Tennessee whiskey. Soft, sweet vanilla, oak and charcoal. Nicely balanced. Give it a try! You'll be surprised by how smooth it is.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 22nd Sep '10
Easier to drink neat than JB Black and yes sweeter so perhaps a beginners tipple. But for that 'Oh yes I felt that' chug from the bottle I would still go with JB Black
- John K - UK, 28th May '10
Palate: Starts on sweet, that's the corn. Moves to oak, charcoal and vanilla. Finish: It's short. The sweetness leaves and it dries across the palate. Flavors of oak and vanilla dissipate almost instantly. Nothing lingers very long.This a simple but pleasing Tennessee whisky profile, but then again this is a standard bottling. Reasonable price for what you get.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 31st Mar '10
I love this drink, I have a glass in the morning with my cornflakes. then one at lunch time and finish off whats left before bed! expensive habbit but what else have i got to do all day im retired!
- living the dream, 4th Mar '10
this aint no bourbon. it breaks the rules due to the charcole mellowing. danm it, it says whiskey on the bottle. and its great.drink neat,smooth an sweet.
- stewie ramone, 17th Feb '10
This drink is really amazing! Yesterday I have discovered a nice banana milkshake note in the nose of this superb liquid.
- Jim Heinfeldt, 17th Feb '10
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