Evan Williams Honey Reserve Liqueur

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Evan Williams Honey Reserve Liqueur
70cl / 35%
A very promising whiskey based liqueur from Heaven Hill, Evan Williams Honey Reserve is made with, er, Evan Williams bourbon and flavoured with, well, honey.
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Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
Love this stuff. Smooth and goes down almost too easily over a bit of ice
- anonymous, 2nd Jul '13
I bought a bottle of this to try as the shop didnt have any jim beam honey in stock, and im afraid to say its a bit raw for me. I drink my bourbon with ice, but its still a bit aggressive, and overpowering with citrus (orange/lemon) flavour rather than honey as advertised. I wont be buying another bottle, but looking at the reviews, you'll either love it or hate it. Im afraid im the latter.
- anonymous, 27th May '13
It's very good mixed with hot tea. I've tried one shot per mug in both regular and green teas, caffeinated and non. I hear it's good in iced tea as well but haven't tried that yet. Too wintry here right now.
- Bill, 19th Feb '13
Quite sweet, but that's fine with me. Also goes very well with cola. I can guarantee that one bottle won't be enough.
- Pete, 18th Aug '11
smooth, sexy maybe a female bourbon but great on the palate and cheap on the wallet
- emma, 5th Feb '11
I like this a lot! For the price you can't beat it. If you like EW's Honey, also check out Wild Turkey-American Honey and Barenjager.
- Mike Miheli, 31st Dec '10
If your expecting a bourbon with a honey edge I'm afraid you will be dissappointed.There is a twang of EW but that's all. The nose is lemon,orange,honey(shock!),bourbon and sugar.The taste ditto.It reminds me of sherbet lemons ( a british boiled candy)
- Richard Murfin, 21st Dec '10
I love this stuff and I can't find it in any stores around me
- Crystal, 5th Jul '10
This stuff is the best I have ever tasted
- anonymous, 22nd Apr '10
Got a bottle for Christmas. It didnt see boxing day. The whole family loved it. (Adults only of course)
- Brian, 16th Jan '10
A very smooth delightful sipping whiskey
- Tom, 10th Jan '10
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