Get 27 Mint Liqueur

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Get 27 Mint Liqueur
70cl / 21%
Mint liqueur Get 27 has been one of France's foremost cremes de menthe since 1796 and is a rather darker green than our photo might suggest. 'Get' is pronounced 'Jet' in this case due to the Gallic origin of the brand, while the 27 refers to the original alcohol percentage, which was subsequently reduced. So really it should be called 'Get 21', but they probably didn't want to confuse people.
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Customer rating (5 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
I fell in love with Get 27 several years ago during a summer abroad. I like it best served over ice with Perrier.
- anonymous, 28th August
When you put this on the rocks the intensity of the ice cold mint completely changes. This is my favorite drink of all time. My dad used to give it to me as a kid.
- anonymous, 5th Apr '13
drinking it now found it with 3 mates when i was 18 in Normandy loved it since its great after curry or spicy food or as the other review sed a shot. it also got that stong intense mintyness that goes well with coffee
- richymclaren , 13th May '12
My wife tried this while we were in France this summer. She loves it served over crushed ice. Pity you don't also sell Get 31.
- Steve, 9th Nov '11
Love this drink on ice or as a shot
- anonymous, 31st Oct '11
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