Jack Daniel's Belle of Lincoln

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Jack Daniel's Belle of Lincoln
150cl / 45%
Tennessee Whiskey
A big commemorative decanter from Jack Daniel's, named for one of the names that JD used to be sold under - Belle of Lincoln.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
i got the #11 bottle!
- anonymous, 15th Jul '13
The taster, & the person that bottled it should have their initials on the sticker.... I have a certificate of authenticity from the jack Daniels distillery.... You should too!!
- anonymous, 4th Jul '13
jack Daniel's Belle of Lincoln decanter. Named in honor, some claim, of a mysterious lady of Lincoln County Tennessee (where it was bottled). JD was of higher proof in the past and this proof is reflected in the rating for the liquor in the BOL decanter.
- Stan in Tennessee, 13th Dec '12
I bought the last bellemof lincoln that was listed on this site. A great looking bottle. If i could afford it at the moment i would buy myself a second one!
- anonymous, 4th Jul '12
Just a question also, but my wife has the belle of lincoln (box, unopened and sealed) labelled #1 and I see somebody else has #1. Does that just mean it is from the 1st run? She bought back in 1981 in Scottsdale Arizona.
- Jeff, 28th Nov '11
I've had one of these unopened bottles for years. It's very nice, but I never thought much about it. I just checked, and it is from bottling #1.
- anonymous, 14th Jun '11
My Father in law has bottle #3.
- anonymous, 12th Jun '11
We have bottle 8 with all the original packaging.
- anonymous, 22nd Jan '11
I have #2 at my grandparents house. My uncle got it back in the day when he work at a grocery store in a town out side of Baton Rouge.
- Martin, 15th Dec '10
Could someone clarify one thing for me, the actual whiskey inside the bottle is still Old No. 7 albeit matured and with a slightly higher proof, correct?Essentially the only difference is the styling and age of the bottle?
- Sion, 22nd Aug '09
I have #10. I am now a Jack Daniels man...the flavor is so amazing and very smooth but not mellow.
- iR, 19th Aug '09
its only ever nice with rocks, music and women
- jnzy, 14th Mar '09
Mark & B, you seem very knowledgeable and wise, please can you tell me where the shop is that sells this very rare bottle for £150-180. Or maybe you're talking cr@p. In the UK this bottle was £300 five years ago. I have looked everywhere and this is the cheapest I can find it.
- anonymous, 1st Sep '08
I wouldnt drink it..I would just sit back and drink a glass of regular JcD,while looking at that beautiful bottle,
- anonymous, 5th Apr '08
Well we could all just sit down and drink of the bottle its more fresh that way!!! :)
- anonymous, 25th Feb '08
The JD in Belle of Lincoln Bottles, such as this, is normally bottled with a slightly higher proof when compared to regular JD Black Label. I only drink Gentleman Jack normally, and would not think of mixing it with anything other than ice cubes.
- Squire Moon, 27th Dec '07
just drink the nectar
- jogon, 29th Nov '07
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