Jack Daniel's Master Distiller / Mr Jack No.1

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Jack Daniel's Master Distiller / Mr Jack No.1
70cl / 40%
Tennessee Whiskey
The first in a series of special commemorative edition bottlings Jack Daniel's have produced for their legions of fans. This has a nice picture of the man himself on the bottle and comes in an exciting leatherette box.
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More Details:
CountryUSARegionTennesseeBottling StatusDiscontinued
Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
brought a case of this (6 bottles all with case) gave one to my friend, and one to my brother-in-law as a present! Know that they would go up in price, but wow!!! Still have 4 left
- Andrew, London, 14th Sep '11
I bought this bottle from tesco in early 2006. 5 years later I still havn't opened it and I had to buy the box on Ebay for around £7-8. value has went up by more than £100. amazing how many people would have bought that not knowing the potential value. Still in mint condition un-opened had a good feeling about it.
- anonymous, 18th Jan '11
I brought this bottle back in February 2010. It was ?109 then and already has gone up in price on here..Good times. Wish I had brought it when it originally came out as I'd be quids in. Now if it is the case that this is the only one JD are doing the prices should rocket. p.s Do not drink it save it. !!
- Matt, 8th Oct '10
I was given this bottle as an 18th birthday present nearly 4 years ago. I kept it and bought the box on ebay for £6. My friend bought it for £18 i new the value would go up !!!
- Alister, 7th Feb '10
According to the folk at Jack Daniel, there won't be any more issues in this hoped for series of 6 different bottles, so as Neil states above, this will be a collectable and, judging by the price now, is well on it's way.Does taste good though !
- TC, 3rd Feb '10
Bet you wish this was still selling ?16.99 in Asda's now, eh, Mattmick ?
- anonymous, 3rd Feb '10
well i just got one today after drinking over xmass nice and smooth this one is locked away till rech 60 well im 52 now so fancey a drink then ok
- phil, 28th Jan '10
me too. bought this not realising its value and noe just have an empty bottle to show for it !!!!
- anonymous, 12th Jan '10
- anonymous, 27th Nov '09
I just bought one is it open or anything like that or is it a full bottel?
- Dave, 10th Apr '08
one of the best n my favourite
- Satyakam, 1st Apr '08
this is a collectable of the future no 2 is to be released soon we all hope!! the leather box is worth keeping on its own!! normal no7 in side but the bottle is a must for any collector
- neil at the dolphin, 19th Aug '07
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