Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel
70cl / 45%
Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is a richer variation JD with less sweetness and more power than the No.7. A favourite in bars, this is a must for aficionados.
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Customer rating (60 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(60 reviews)
This is my go to Whiskey whenever I want to just relax and sip. This single barrel has turned many whiskey snobs that look down to JD products into Single Barrel believers. This has to be one of the best whiskey when you factor in the low price.
- JeffP, 24th August
I have had a delightful experience mixing it with A&W root beer. Makes it taste like a tantalizing root beer float. Something you have to try because it is the best mixed drink I have ever tested.
- Adam Oles, 15th January
Mine has just arrived and the bottle alone is stunning. The personalisation really gives it the extra wow factor. Can't wait for these special occasions. I usually mix with coke , but this one will stay for drinking neat.
- Bettina Kelch, 26th Nov '13
I have just got this for my husbands birthday, he is very happy with it and his name on makes it a brilliant gift very happy with the service, will buy again
- Laura-Jayne , 19th Nov '13
Many reviews stating that this is bourbon. This is NOT a bourbon. It's a Tennessee Whiskey. That being said, it is very good. Much better than the traditional Jack.
- anonymous, 26th Oct '13
by far the best JD have produced. Smooth flavor.... like many, I thought I would SIP this on special occasions.... that lasted all of 3 months! when the 'special occasion' started rolling in! Thing is once you have tasted this single barrel bourbon, nothing else will do! Oh and DO NOT mix it with anything - really - if you want a mixing JD get yourself the No7..
- Jethwash, 2nd Jul '13
Bought a bottle of this 13 years ago in Spain when a was 18 and swore I wouldn't open it till the morning of my marriage. That was a couple of mornings ago and by god it was worth the wait! Highly recommended.
- chris lane, 9th May '13
ive had the bottle since 2000! ive opened it tonight and it the nicest whiskey that ive ever tasted. Well done Jack.
- MikeT2001, 11th Apr '13
i did not know about bourbon till i drank this single barrel got to be one of the best jack daniels have made its in my top 5 best of all time. SMELL the glass the next day. MAPLE SYRUP Mmmmm,.
- Duggie,, 11th Feb '13
JD,s Single Barrel Whiskey is a mature man,s drink.I have had the Gentleman Jack,and enjoyed it. Single Barrel is smooth to the palate,and without the burn.I like to enjoy mine ,neat! No coke,No ice. A man,s glass,and enjoy my friend!!!
- Kenneth B. Marshall, 21st Oct '12
@Nathan You might get in trouble. 18 years is a long time, and a lot can go wrong. Even a sealed bottle will eventually let in air. Here are some hints to help preserve your bottle: Keep it out of direct sun light, keep in cellar-like temperatures, keep the bottle up-right away from the cork. Best to play it safe... Drink it with her no later than her 5th birthday :-)
- MCS, 1st Oct '12
DANGEROUSLY smooth, with a delightful smokey vanilla aftertaste. This whiskey has nothing to do with its coke mixing No7 counterpart.
- MCS, 1st Oct '12
I was given a bottle for the birth of my daughter two years ago. I would like to keep it and share it with her when she turns 18. Can someone tell me if I am able to keep it this long and if so, the best was to store it (laying down or standing up). Thank you.
- Nathan, 21st Sep '12
One of the best bourbons I've ever tasted. It holds position #2 in my personal ranking, just behind the unexcelled Knob Creek. Smooth taste and makes an almost perfect head. Cheers!
- Nikos, 6th Aug '12
very nice drink, bort one to keep hold of(that didnt last)had to try, you have to try it! dont think of it as a pricer JD No7, it stands apart from the others! was a sad day when it had gone :-( so i got another one :-) nice bottle too!
- kris.., 11th Jul '12
Wonderfully smooth. Delicious. Maker's Mark now seems very ordinary.
- McMurphy, 7th Jan '12
As a Jack Daniel's collector and enthusiast I have tried many different versions of Uncle Jack; for me this is the best. It is all down to personal tastes. Single Barrel is very smooth and has a more woody element. Well worth the investment.
- Steel Horse Cowboy Thommo, 5th Jan '12
Stunning. Had a few bottles over the years. Guarantees the guitars coming out.
- Col Price, 16th Dec '11
i bought three bottles 8yrs ago,,drank 2 and have kept the 3rd till my 50th birthday in 2yrs i for one cant wait till im 50
- mark evans, 15th Dec '11
the smoothest whiskey i've ever drank in my life.
- anonymous, 2nd Nov '11
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