Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel
70cl / 45%
Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is a richer variation JD with less sweetness and more power than the No.7. A favourite in bars, this is a must for aficionados.
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Customer Reviews:(59 reviews)
I have had a delightful experience mixing it with A&W root beer. Makes it taste like a tantalizing root beer float. Something you have to try because it is the best mixed drink I have ever tested.
- Adam Oles, 15th January
Mine has just arrived and the bottle alone is stunning. The personalisation really gives it the extra wow factor. Can't wait for these special occasions. I usually mix with coke , but this one will stay for drinking neat.
- Bettina Kelch, 26th Nov '13
I have just got this for my husbands birthday, he is very happy with it and his name on makes it a brilliant gift very happy with the service, will buy again
- Laura-Jayne , 19th Nov '13
Many reviews stating that this is bourbon. This is NOT a bourbon. It's a Tennessee Whiskey. That being said, it is very good. Much better than the traditional Jack.
- anonymous, 26th Oct '13
by far the best JD have produced. Smooth flavor.... like many, I thought I would SIP this on special occasions.... that lasted all of 3 months! when the 'special occasion' started rolling in! Thing is once you have tasted this single barrel bourbon, nothing else will do! Oh and DO NOT mix it with anything - really - if you want a mixing JD get yourself the No7..
- Jethwash, 2nd Jul '13
Bought a bottle of this 13 years ago in Spain when a was 18 and swore I wouldn't open it till the morning of my marriage. That was a couple of mornings ago and by god it was worth the wait! Highly recommended.
- chris lane, 9th May '13
ive had the bottle since 2000! ive opened it tonight and it the nicest whiskey that ive ever tasted. Well done Jack.
- MikeT2001, 11th Apr '13
i did not know about bourbon till i drank this single barrel got to be one of the best jack daniels have made its in my top 5 best of all time. SMELL the glass the next day. MAPLE SYRUP Mmmmm,.
- Duggie,, 11th Feb '13
JD,s Single Barrel Whiskey is a mature man,s drink.I have had the Gentleman Jack,and enjoyed it. Single Barrel is smooth to the palate,and without the burn.I like to enjoy mine ,neat! No coke,No ice. A man,s glass,and enjoy my friend!!!
- Kenneth B. Marshall, 21st Oct '12
@Nathan You might get in trouble. 18 years is a long time, and a lot can go wrong. Even a sealed bottle will eventually let in air. Here are some hints to help preserve your bottle: Keep it out of direct sun light, keep in cellar-like temperatures, keep the bottle up-right away from the cork. Best to play it safe... Drink it with her no later than her 5th birthday :-)
- MCS, 1st Oct '12
DANGEROUSLY smooth, with a delightful smokey vanilla aftertaste. This whiskey has nothing to do with its coke mixing No7 counterpart.
- MCS, 1st Oct '12
I was given a bottle for the birth of my daughter two years ago. I would like to keep it and share it with her when she turns 18. Can someone tell me if I am able to keep it this long and if so, the best was to store it (laying down or standing up). Thank you.
- Nathan, 21st Sep '12
One of the best bourbons I've ever tasted. It holds position #2 in my personal ranking, just behind the unexcelled Knob Creek. Smooth taste and makes an almost perfect head. Cheers!
- Nikos, 6th Aug '12
very nice drink, bort one to keep hold of(that didnt last)had to try, you have to try it! dont think of it as a pricer JD No7, it stands apart from the others! was a sad day when it had gone :-( so i got another one :-) nice bottle too!
- kris.., 11th Jul '12
Wonderfully smooth. Delicious. Maker's Mark now seems very ordinary.
- McMurphy, 7th Jan '12
As a Jack Daniel's collector and enthusiast I have tried many different versions of Uncle Jack; for me this is the best. It is all down to personal tastes. Single Barrel is very smooth and has a more woody element. Well worth the investment.
- Steel Horse Cowboy Thommo, 5th Jan '12
Stunning. Had a few bottles over the years. Guarantees the guitars coming out.
- Col Price, 16th Dec '11
i bought three bottles 8yrs ago,,drank 2 and have kept the 3rd till my 50th birthday in 2yrs i for one cant wait till im 50
- mark evans, 15th Dec '11
the smoothest whiskey i've ever drank in my life.
- anonymous, 2nd Nov '11
for all you guys saving it for a rainy day or a special one, forget it, drink it now you'll love it, you can always buy another one. Top quality drink.
- Paul O'Brien 29th oct 2011, 29th Oct '11
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