Angostura Bitters

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Angostura Bitters
10cl / 44.7%
Essential kit for bartenders and amateur mixing enthusiasts alike, and a vital ingredient in a string of classic cocktails including Mai Tai, Singapore Sling, Old Fashioned etc
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- anonymous, 27th January
Put 3 drops in a a glass. Swirl them round and then either empty them out or leave them in for a stronger taste. Then a measure of good gin (eg. Plymouth) and top up with water for a perfect Pink Gin. You can of course add ice if you wish.
- Johnny Norfolk, 22nd Dec '12
Soak a sugar cube with 5 drops of Angostura bitters and drop it into a champagne flute Add a small measure of brandy and then top up with Champagne or Prosecco/ white fizz. Makes THE BEST champagne cocktail ever. Totally addictive. Recipe courtesy of Betty's tea rooms , Harrogate !!
- Hellen, 25th Nov '12
Perhaps cliche, but if you venture no further than Angostura Aromatic in the strange and often intimidating world of cocktail bitters, you'll have still done yourself a massive favour.For the investment of a pint of lager, you can now discover - with nearly any spirit, some sugar and ice - a whole new world of drinks.
- Adam, 25th Jun '11
Perfect to put in Mojitos!!!
- Giselle Rossi, 29th Apr '11
Great when you put a dash in vodka, lime and lemonade hmmm :)
- Leanne27, 16th Jan '11
My grandma used to put a dash of this in freshly squeezed orange juice when I was a child - in fact she still does it, with her great grandchildren!!
- Coralie, 8th Oct '10
Excellent with gin!!
- anonymous, 10th Aug '10
Great for stomach upsets
- custardballs, 23rd Jun '10
Must have. Great when added to freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice.
- arlene, 12th Jun '10
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