Carlshamns Flaggpunsch Swedish Punsch Liqueur

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Carlshamns Flaggpunsch Swedish Punsch Liqueur
50cl / 26%
Carlshamns Flaggpunsch is a Swedish punsch, the traditional liqueur restorative beloved by Scandinavian types and an almost legendary cocktail ingredient, which is highly sought-after due to its popularity with early bartenders including Jerry Thomas.
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Customer rating (9 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
Amazing product, great to see bars in my area using it more
- Danny, 23rd June
This is a wonderful drink. I am not a drinking person, but this I can tolerate and it is delicious. I use it in many ways.
- anonymous, 28th Apr '13
Use it with strawberrys and vanilla ice cream!
- The Swede, 31st Jan '12
Use it in Tiramisu.
- Swede, 16th Jan '12
@: [email protected] Why don't you offer it to your best enemy?
- Mad Troll & English Woman, 31st Dec '11
Carlshamms is still the best of the Swedish punsches. And punsch in general is one of the world's great after dinner drinks. For me personnaly, right up there next to Calvados and Port - but for different reasons/occasions. We keep our bottles (that's right plural) in the freezer, but fridge will also do nicely. Meant to be sipped. Nice before / during / after coffee. Jetta bra. Skol. (sorry no swedish accents on my keyboard)
- Carl, 9th Dec '11
Flaggpunsch is awesome with Swedish peasoup and the punsch served warm. But you can also drink it as a shot cold. It is quite sweet but very good especially if you like arrack.
- Peter, 15th Nov '11
We'd recommend drinking it...
- TWE Admin, 10th Nov '11
years nago friends gave me a bottle, but I do not know what to do with it. Any idea's ? thanx
- [email protected], 10th Nov '11
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