Grey Goose Vodka / Small Bottle

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Grey Goose Vodka / Small Bottle
20cl / 40%
A quarter bottle of Grey Goose vodka, one of the UK market's most popular luxury vodka brands. A wheat based small batch vodka made in the Cognac region of France.
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(£11.63 ex. VAT)
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Customer rating (11 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
I was introduced to GG by a friend before it became so well known. In my view it's not hype. It won it's place for a reason & that is because it's the best. The L'orange variety is awesome. Fresh, smooth orange with a hint of vanilla that is noticeable but doesn't overpower the vodka.
- Nikki, 12th July
I refuse to drink ANY other vodka on the market unless I don't have a choice, even in cocktails if the pub/club sell grey goose I buy a shot to replace the vodka they put in the cocktail. It is without question the best damn Vodka on the planet
- Craig, 16th February
Other vodkas straight are bitter but this one by itself is really really nice
- anonymous, 21st Sep '13
It is the best though!!!!
- anonymous, 26th Dec '12
My thoughts exactly Nick...that did make me chuckle :)
- Rache, 18th Dec '12
Erm, calm down everyone, it's just vodka.
- Nick, 14th Dec '12
awesome Vodka! .. Grey Goose Le Fizz cocktail goes down amazing with guests as a toasting / welcome drink
- anonymous, 13th Dec '12
grey goose vodka is like carlsberg lagar probably the best vodka in the world
- anonymous, 25th Oct '12
Put two olives stuffed with blue cheese and pour in chilled Grey Goose over best cocktail ever
- Bryan Bartlett, 27th Aug '12
I have been drinking Grey Goose Vodka for a long time and it's quality is exceptional.
- anonymous, 21st Jun '12
Grey Goose.. best vodka i have ever tasted in my life.. hence why it is so expensive xD
- Abigail Goddard, 24th Jan '12
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