Xoriguer Gin / Mahon

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Xoriguer Gin / Mahon
70cl / 38%
A cult gin from Mahon in Menorca, Xoriguer is one of the only gins in the world (alongside Plymouth) to have a geographical indication, Gin de Menorca. Gin has been made on Menorca since the time of the British occupation in the 18th century and Xoriguer commands a devoted following of happy travellers. Unusually, Xoriguer is made in wood-fired potstills from distilled wine (eau-de-vie) rather than the more usual grain-based distillate, and is rested in American oak barrels before bottling.
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Customer rating (16 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(16 reviews)
My all Time favorite! It's so Good that its almost impossible to save it for a while!
- anonymous, 26th June
A revelation if you like gin wonderfully dry incredibly refreshing you won't make a better g&t or with lemon as a pomada worth every penny definitely deserves the title best gin in the world
- Gary t, 18th June
A very special and uniquely flavoured gin. Makes a beautiful G&T or as a "Pomada" with Bitter Lemon in the Menorcan style. My favourite Gin.
- Andrew A, 4th January
The British gave the Menorceans gin and they gave us mayonnaise. I think they got the best of the deal. This is super gin,distinctive flowery taste which goes to make a fantastic G&T. Try it with Fanta, try it neat at room temperature or why not overnight it in the deep freeze for an icy kick. Visiting Mahon? The distillery will let you drink as much as you like for free but if you have to pay for it's worth it.
- David H, 25th Nov '13
The best two gins in the world, in my opinion and I've drunk some gins, are Mahon and Plymouth. Both distinctive, both delicious and both with an individual flavour all their own. Drink and enjoy.
- Keith Wilbourn, Chesterfield,Derbyshire, 26th May '13
This is a classic gin recipe that is over one hundred years old. It has a bright, fresh taste and is so good it can be drunk neat, although it is equally good as a G&T. I struggle to get it in Australia but when I do it is savoured and treasured like an heirloom.
- Russ Fuller, 15th Mar '13
Given free choice of all the affordable gins, I would always plump for this. Wonderful in the Fiesta drink of Pomada, an excellent base for G & T, but perhaps best appreciated drunk Menorquin style: a generous measure of the gin, neat and at room temperature, with an accompanying small glass of iced water. If you must make a Martini with it, then make it about 95% gin and enjoy!
- Michael, 19th Feb '13
had this whilst on Holiday in Menorca. Drinking this stuff during Sant Joan was one of the best experiences to date
- Ryan, 25th Jan '13
10/10 the dogs nuts
- AB, 7th Sep '12
Its distinctive, old fashioned flavour rivals any british gin. The only gin i buy
- anonymous, 2nd May '12
I was introduced to this gin on a craggy old sailboat, sailing around the coast of Majorca. Nothing makes a gin and tonic like this gin - and combined with a gorgeous sunset; well life doesn't get much better!
- anonymous, 9th Apr '12
A wonderful sharp zest which makes for a brilliant refreshing ice cold summer refreshment. Served with a good helping of fanta lemon over ice has to be belived. Its refered to as 'pomade' by the locals in Menorca when mixed like this.
- anonymous, 14th Dec '11
This is absolutely my favourite Gin
- anonymous, 20th May '11
A great gin, the distillery in mahon itself has a wonderful selection.
- anonymous, 18th Feb '11
Great Gin, very prominent floral and violet notes, makes a brilliant martini!
- anonymous, 1st Oct '10
Best gin in the world.
- anonymous, 15th May '10
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