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Maker's Mark
70cl / 45%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
One of the rising stars in the premium bourbon market, with a growing following in the UK due to its distinctive looks and exceptional quality.
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Customer rating (38 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(38 reviews)
I found maker's mark in a bar as they didnt have my usual thought id try it. Havent looked back since. I was a life long jack daniels fan..but MM just tastes smoother and better.
- S, 6th August
I find this stuff quite sharp and tangy. I'm a big bourbon drinker but I genuinely don't enjoy makers Mark.
- Oliver Lea, Portsmouth, 28th July
not for myself bought as a gift for someone who really likes it.
- anne marie sweeney, 22nd June
I find smoother than standard Jack Daniels packs a pleasant punch and only originally gave it a try due to product placement within an American naval investigation program and yes it does taste better in a jam jar or other receptacle that's held screws nails etc. (please wash out first tho;-))
- Adam Fothergill, 22nd June
Guys - a good honest Bourbon - snap this stuff up now at 45% proof and this excellent price .....its only a matter of time before some Muppet (an Accountant?) waters it down to 40% and charges the same price (Buffalo Trace) and assumes we are too dim to now......
- anonymous, 13th Jul '12
You can't go wrong with MM. Caramel and Honey, Oak-y Vanilla, Butterscotch. Reliably delicious and never disappointing when you've got the bourbon bug.
- Jimbo, SoCal, 12th Jul '12
Respected and beloved across the pond as one of the best Bourbons, period. Enjoy, friends.
- Josh from Tennessee, 18th Jan '12
had a rather large amount of this at a pub in Islington the other night, as someone who loves all whiskey, this shot right up to the top end of the list. I will defiantly be buying a bottle.
- CharlieP, 13th Jan '12
Lovely Bourbon could drink this all day. Fantastic in an Old Fashioned.
- Jazzles, 2nd Jan '12
15 Years ago, this stuff was beyond brilliant. Massive complexity, including even a brittle butterscotch theme. perfect. Now it isnt bad, so much as boring. My last glass was last year when Collingwood drew with St Kilda. At least the game was interesting, because this Makers Mark was like watching paint dry.
- F.B.N , 31st Dec '11
I was given makers mark as a present as i am very keen on bourbon.This is a fantastic drink and i hope to enjoy it in the future,I'm afraid I'd never heard of it before but will definitely be buying it again.
- helen., 15th Oct '11
So good, I became an ambassador. Beautiful rounded flavour.
- garry shepherd,liverpool uk, 11th Oct '11
Headsy and a bit bland, but not bad.
- Dan, 25th Jun '11
I like this stuff. Compared to Knob Creek (which I also like) it's smoother and sweeter; more caramel, less punchy finish.
- Greg, 6th May '11
Wonderful stuff. Very smooth. Highly recommended.
- McMurphy, 23rd Mar '11
A big taste makes this worth trying.
- MSR, 7th Feb '11
A fiery little fellow, can be a tad harsh on the throat when taken straight, but is also smooth, sweet, and leaves a lasting impression. Features honey and vanilla, while there a subtle sherry flavour augmented by a toasted, nutty, leather flavour. I'm usually a malt man (singleton of Dufftown) but I enjoyed this. Rich chocolate and rum on the nose. Enjoy!
- Man from the midlands, 19th Jan '11
MM is a good soild Boubon with a strong warm taste but is missing something.
- Russ, 5th Jan '11
One of the nicest Christmas gifts I have ever received. Smooth, delicious and a pleasure to drink neat, but add a splash of water and the subtle change is like being given a different drink of equally high quality. I'd happily drink Maker's Mark at any time and commend you to try it, too. Happy New Year.
- Derek Wheeler, 2nd Jan '11
regarding Yalenti notes, with respects, i thinks it is the other way around. woodford is an odd duck in bourbon terms, its nice but uneventful, it misses all the kentucky bourbon flavours, MM has more kick and taste to it, the amerikan version of Grand Marnier vanilla IMHO. well done makersmark pure marksmanship without adding flavour or playing tricks.
- henrihenry, 9th Dec '10
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