Mellow Corn

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Mellow Corn
70cl / 50%
Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey
Mellow Corn is a high-proof gold-coloured American corn whisky aged for two years before bottling. As a corn whiskey, the mashbill is a minimum of 81% corn, with the remainder being a combination of malted barley and rye.
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Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
This whiskey is a heavy hitter that goes down smooth. It has a sweetness and richness unusual for a drink of its price range, and has fast become one of my favorite sipping whiskeys. Enjoy with a little water or over ice.
- Alex RV, 10th May '13
awesome drink almost popcorn in taste, and taste smooth
- anonymous, 30th Jun '12
Very palatable, pretty smooth for a corn. Everything about it oozes cheap and cheerful until you put it to your lips, there is more flavour and taste than many of its counterparts and for me no downside. Zest, corn and silk…… love it.
- Sinnerman, 8th Mar '12
This here Whiskey is an acceptable drink. It's fairly smooth just a little burn on the way down. I quite like it but will not reorder. It is worth trying although it is not to all tastes.I tried it as a neat sipper then added water in equal measure. It's better with the water.
- BigFatJock, 24th Jan '12
haven't tried this one as of yet, but I enjoy the Georgia Moon. Bourbon snobs won't like but their opinions are all predetermined.
- anonymous, 21st Jan '12
This certainly has a bit of an edge to it but is otherwise rather a nice way to spend an evening. If you want tasting notes, then: Nose: acetone, violets, Demerara sugar.Taste: Gentle at first, quite nutty, slightly perfumed. Finish: Woody spice and assertive at end.Overall, something a bit different.
- Pat, 17th Feb '11
Good.That will leave more for true whisky fans to enjoy.Perhaps you and your buddy drowned your Mellow Corn in lemonade.
- Michael, 22nd Jul '10
You must be kidding me. This is some of the worst liquid I've ever consumed. Nothing smooth or "mellow" about it. My buddy bought it at a liquor store for half price because the owner said it had been on the shelf for 5 years.
- Charles, 2nd Feb '10
I remember reading about 'Mellow Corn' whiskey in a book about spirits in the early 1980's.It was impossible back then to obtain it in the UK.The first order I placed with The Whisky Exchange(2003?) included a bottle of Mellow Corn.Its a very nice whiskey and a pleasant suprise if you think that corn whiskey tastes rough.Definately worth trying.
- Michael, Belfast, 9th Aug '09
This is whiskey from the top shelf - one of the greats.With a kick of fire that burns good.100 proof cannot be argued with.
- greaser leo, 11th Nov '08
Wow.. really lives up to the name.. A nice sweet, mellow sipping whiskey that seems a lot lighter than its 100 proof strength..
- Mati Savukalainen, 17th Oct '08
very good
- anonymous, 2nd Jun '08
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