Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Liqueur

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Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Liqueur
70cl / 33%
Fireball is made with Canadian whisky and natural cinnamon flavours. It's certainly very cinnamon-y (if that's a word), and it's not too sweet, which is a plus. A very popular shot drink on the other side of the pond, Fireball was awarded 87 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute, and a Silver Medal from the International Review of Spirits.
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Customer Reviews: (91 reviews)
Love this whisky. Recommended
- anonymous, 5th January
This drink is lovely , highly recommend it to people that drink whisky. !!!!!!!!!!
- anonymous, 5th Jul '13
So deliciously yummy straight up that we didn't even try it mixed with anything!
- ro, 8th Apr '13
Don't pollute Fireball with anything else, if you can't cope with it neat, stick to JD
- Glyn, 31st Jan '13
- anonymous, 25th Dec '12
Lovely -a few drops in herbal tea at bedtime recommended by me!
- Julian Pedley, 4th Dec '12
Try it with hot cider ....... It's the b*ll*cks :)
- anonymous, 1st Dec '12
Very sweet, medicinal grade cinnamon flavour + delicious Whisky flavours. Makes amazingly refreshing cocktails with Crabbies ginger beer and Appleade. I bought two bottles last time, go figure...
- anonymous, 29th Apr '12
drink with apple juice = apple strudel in a glass!
- Holly, 24th Apr '12
oh my god....... i need to get my hands on a bottle,i love it
- stakk halifax yorks, 5th Mar '12
Daphne, I'm afraid we don't have information on stockists to Australia. However, we are able to ship to Australia, if you are unable to find a local retailer.
- TWE admin, 2nd Mar '12
Can it be purchased in Australia? If what location/ cost?
- Daphne, 2nd Mar '12
Fireball mixed with Black cherry jello makes wonderful jello shots.
- anonymous, 16th Feb '12
Wow ths stuff is AMAZING! Ths is my new fav drink! I hav it with ice n lemonade in a tall glass absolutely LUSH!!! :)
- Pauline, 7th Feb '12
My daughter brought this back to Australia from Canada. The rest of the family don't like it very much so now I DO NOT SHARE with anyone! I am delighted to find this website so I don't have to wait for Canadian visitors!
- Mom, 21st Jan '12
Had this over xmas in Austin Tx with egg nog and lots of ice, it was called "Firenog".............absolutely gorgeous I got hooked on it!! Had to bring a couple of bottles home with me
- Simon, 21st Jan '12
I agree, it's best on the rocks =P
- anonymous, 28th Nov '11
i drink this stuff every time i visit canada which is every other year, i love it. Boy was i over the moon they started to import it over here, happy days.
- Stan, 25th Nov '11
This is the official cold whether drink of our Spurgen cigar nights on the deck. Dress warm, even with heater its only about 4 degrees celcius. Theology, fine cubans and fireball = great evening.
- tim, 18th Nov '11
I tried this in Weatherspoons too. Was drinking beer but we decided to have a go at the cocktails. Tried one glass, then I was on it all night. Very very tasty drink. Sweet, but you don't get sick of it. I suggest getting a double and top glass up to half way with lemonade. Anymore lemonade than this and it tastes weak.
- anonymous, 10th Nov '11
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