Kraken Black Spiced Rum

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Kraken Black Spiced Rum
70cl / 40%
A dark spiced Caribbean rum introduced to the UK in Spring 2010, Kraken's old-style bottle and superlative packaging seem to earmark it out for greatness, and perhaps it will help some of those many thousands of punters nursing an old-recipe-Sailor-Jerry-sized hole in their hearts.
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Customer rating (46 reviews)
More Details:
CountryCaribbean BlendTypeMolassesStyleSpiced
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes for CLASS Magazine

Appearance - Clear, dark walnut brown.

Aroma - Nutty, Vanilla and coffee with cherryade and a prickly pinch of old fashioned gunpowder.

Taste - Slightly sweet, cola-like vanillered spicy palate with espresso coffee, creamy caramel, cinnamon, cloves and gingerbread.

Aftertaste - Long, peppery spiced finish.

Rating - 4.5/5

Customer Reviews:(46 reviews)
Excellent product, very good price and lovely free gift. I would recommend this product.
- Ceri, 23rd June
Amazing....bought for a present and it went down a treat especially with the novelty jar glass. Great product
- anonymous, 22nd June
I'm not usually a fan of dark rums, I prefer the lighter Caribbean rums such as Mount Gay and Cockspurs. Even so, Kraken's blend of spices makes it a very pleasant drink, either neat or with mixers.
- anonymous, 22nd June
Thrilling!!! Release the Kraken!
- Charlee Brown, 22nd June
Bought this for my boyfriend a few times, it is one of his favourite dark rums. If you like dark rum you have to try this
- Ash, 22nd June
I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it, he prefers it to sailor jerry which used to be his drink of choice.
- Alison, 13th March
I drink rum at room temperature and warm it in the glass before sipping. I never mix it. This rum does have a superbly original taste... to me it has an unusual and overwhelmingly liquorice flavour with undertones of molasses but I'd agree with one of the anonymous reviewers here - it does leave a caramel after-taste that does have a slight chemical taste; not unpleasant however. It's yummy.
- Blue Shadow, 25th January
love it, try warming the glass slighty before pouring, it adds extra yummyness!
- sue, 5th Nov '13
Bought my first bottle of the black spiced today. So far only had a taste but I am already impressed. Seems like a brew that should be enjoyed straight not ruined by any of the usual mixers.....Smooth
- Peter Codrington, Geraldton, Western Australia, 6th Jul '13
wouldn't feel comfortable letting someone "unleash the kraken in my mouth" like the previous reviewer, but i would thuroghly recommend this rum... in fact, i'm drinking it right now with coke and lime - very nice.
- scott, 29th Mar '13
usually drink morgans spiced rum--but this is so good----drink all rum neat---
- linda thompson, 27th Dec '12
Superb unique taste,if you like rum,this is a must try.
- Graham B, 23rd Dec '12
Just tried Kraken for the first time today. Exceptional! Lovely vanilla tones on the nose and a proper treacle flavour. Smooth, too. DO NOT ruin this with cola. Drink it neat, at room temperature and you're in for a real treat.
- Stueytheround, 19th Aug '12
I used to absolutely HATE the flavor and aroma of hard liquor in any variety. But then my friend unleashed the kraken in my mouth. Now, it's the only liquor I'll even touch
- anonymous, 26th Jun '12
Amazing taste and very smooth to drink.....;)devo
- anonymous, 19th Feb '12
this stuff is delicious with coca-cola! even got my dad drinking it! and the bottle is brilliant the little handles make it perfect for pouring :)
- Tom S, 19th Feb '12
My lovely wife bought me a bottle of this for Valentines (soo good of her!) Beautiful blended recipe of vanilla,caramel and subtle hints of spice.The unique bottle alone is worthy of a purchase.Without doubt the finest Rum(apart from the old SJ) that i have ever had.
- Graham, 18th Feb '12
love it!!!!
- papa fox, 2nd Jan '12
It's no Havana 7 but worth a bash
- anonymous, 8th Sep '11
Sat sipping neat now. Very nice. Don't drink thinking oooooh sailor jerry, drink thinking mmm kraken. Can't believe the amount of love for old sj I thought i was alone, down with the dirty nasty tasteless s h 1 t new rubbish.
- alex parker, 11th Aug '11
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