Russian Standard Gold Vodka

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Russian Standard Gold Vodka
70cl / 40%
A very special Russian Standard, Gold is lightly flavoured with extracts of Siberian ginseng, known as 'golden root' in Russian. Russian Standard Gold is the perfect gift for the discerning vodka drinker.
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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
I was given this as a gift on a visit to Moscow, being given this by Russian people I suspected it was something very special, and I was right (though not knowing it contained ginseng): the most exquisite, subtle taste and flavour, quite unlike any other vodka, and I have tried most. Wonderful indeed.
- Paul from UK, 12th Apr '13
Wow, poor review ash. Actually did a real taste test and Russian Standard Gold is simply silk in a glass. I prefer it on the rocks but room temp is perfectly fine. As primarily a scotch drinker the thing that impresses me are the levels of complexity. Smooth, flavourful and constantly morphing into something wonderful. Sky is a businessman's swill, Standard Gold is on a different plateau by far.
- Rick from the Rock, 16th Sep '12
we did a blind taste test all i had in the house was this and skyy vodka. The Skyy won, i actually thought the smoother one i was tasting was this russian gold. but when my friend revealed to me that it was Skyy, i was shocked. Its not bad but... overly hyped! Not really worth the gold standard!
- Ash from the UK, 6th Feb '11
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