Wild Turkey 101

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Wild Turkey 101
70cl / 50.5%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
America's biggest-selling premium bourbon, the much-loved Wild Turkey 101 is a richly-flavoured concoction with a mellowness that belies its high strength.
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Customer Reviews:(26 reviews)
Fantastic!!! Having drank single malts for a while, I was sceptical about trying a bourbon. After reading reviews, I decided to give 101 a chance. What a whisky! Fantastic deep flavour with a lasting after taste. Take on board what all the fine people on here have also posted, it could knock you for 6 if you're not carefull!!!
- Tom, 18th Nov '13
- anonymous, 28th May '13
Superb stuff - the high alcohol level 'sneaks up' on you due to exceptional smoothness. Very,very good.
- MolesFriend, 30th Mar '13
I live in Scotland and have tasted a few spirits in my time, but this is the best by far. Go easy though, it is stronger than the taste might suggest..............
- anonymous, 1st Jan '13
i can`t shop "Wild Turkey 101" anymore in sweden, i`m so sad now.
- Anders in Sweden, 8th Dec '12
Sheer class and dangerous. You don't drink The Turkey, The Turkey drinks you...
- Lucas, 14th Nov '12
Evening from Kentucky. Nice to see so many fans of The Bird. Here, we sometimes take for granted it is a quality bourbon. In fact, my fondest memory of it is at 15 years old, a group of us sneaking off with a bottle and trying to split it. For everyone across the pond, I thought you might enjoy the nickname Wild Turkey 101 has in its home place. Due to 101's higher proof, it is affectionately known as Kickin' Chicken.
- anonymous, 10th Jun '12
If you are in this price range for a Bourbon then you can only choose one in my opinion. The Dirty Bird every time
- Neil G, 2nd Mar '12
Great Bourbon...tastes excellent...you would not believe this was 50%. Goes down very easily so be careful. My favourite from now on.
- anonymous, 10th Jan '12
Smoother than Jack Daniels....I will never go back!
- Jade Brooks, 10th Nov '11
Had my first glass of this great whiskey the other night and i have to say i'm very impressed. To me the flavoures of vanilla, dried fruits and honey are apparent, while at the same time lacking that sugary sweetness that some other bourbons have. It's also a suprisingly smooth drink given it's high vol of 50.5%, so don't overindulge!
- anonymous, 1st Nov '11
A great bourbon, but it could power a Saturn V rocket. Respect The Bird!
- Nick H, 21st Aug '11
this is probably the best bourbon in the world
- lucas, 30th May '11
I haven't found a bourbon that I like that much, perhaps with the exception of Woodford Reserve, but this stuff is awesome. Powerful, rich, sweet, spicy; a fantastic bourbon! Also, it's one of the best values I've seen.
- rwbenjey, 13th Jan '11
Been drinkin this for years, but not been able to get in shops lately, THANKYOU WHISKY EXCHANGE!!!
- Foggy, 5th Dec '10
Instant karma.
- MSR, 23rd Nov '10
Very nice and much like the JD Silver select single Barrel with a slightly less price tag.
- Matt, 24th Jun '10
this is the bourbon that kicked me up the arse. nice flavours but strong.the extra 10% abv shows. good though.
- stewie ramone, 17th Feb '10
Elements of smoke and gallons of taste. The rye and corn are apparent as well as mild wood and leather ( especially in the nose) , has a malty edge also. Be prepared for the burn though, it took me by suprise , breathe in at the wrong time and your left coughing. Great bourbon.
- Richard Murfin, 26th Jan '10
Smooth entry of sweet corn and warm caramel, reminiscent of the hardened top surface of creme brulee. Mid-palate is where the spiciness of the rye says: 'Hello!' or maybe 'Whatcha doin' there neighbor, c'mon over!' Besides the rye is that hickory wood smoke that is present but not over powering. Great value for money too!
- Jason's Scotch Reviews, 30th Dec '09
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