Wild Turkey Rare Breed

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Wild Turkey Rare Breed
70cl / 54.1%
Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Blended from barrels of 6-12 year-old bourbon and bottled at barrel proof with no added water, Rare Breed has a rich, yet mellow flavour despite its high alcohol content.
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Customer rating (25 reviews)
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CountryUSARegionKentuckyTypeSmall Batch
Customer Reviews:(25 reviews)
Very good, takes a little time to ignore the strength and savour the underlying taste but when you do well worth having
- Doug calvert, 23rd June
for its price,one of the best bourbons you will purchase,great nose,strong palate and a long finish,everything you want from a cask strength whiskey
- brian, 21st Dec '13
The best bourbon in the world bar none
- iain england, 9th Dec '12
This is absolutly superb, must have on its own it has a kick bu is super smooth
- Nick, 17th Jun '12
This is an excellent Bourbon whiskey. Definately well worth trying. Smooth- Full of flavours -Good VFM. I do like Wild Turky Whiskey. An evening sipper or with a small amount of water to just take the burn out Rare Breed will cheer the cockles of your heart. It's the perfect cure to the winter blues.
- Charles, 24th Jan '12
This bourbon is smooth as silk with a rich warm taste that hides it high proof and will chatch you with you if you don't respect it.
- Russ, 5th Jan '11
Wild Turkey is for the discerning pallete, add spit only if you want to really taste history. It is a true Rare Breed of person who can enjoy the full flavor of this incredible bourbon.
- Robbie Douglas, 9th Mar '10
thanks gregory this is a truely lovely bourbon #1 in my book!!
- anonymous, 16th Jan '10
Utterly magnificent! Will make you glow to the tips of your toes.
- Shaun Brown, 3rd Nov '09
A fantasic whiskey. DON'T ADD ICE, it holds in the awesome aroma and flavour. However, a drop or two (and I mean a drop) of water will take away the burn and uncover the true brilliance of this stupendous bourbon
- Martin Shillitoe, 13th Oct '09
WARNING: You will without doubt go to bed feeling filthy.
- SM, 3rd Sep '09
The aroma from the initial opening tells you much but the smoothness enjoyed from the first glass makes the armchair a throne. Mortals should not be present. Prove deservingness first please.
- anonymous, 2nd Sep '09
smoother than the hubbles mirror, travel back in time as you become both history and legend. sleep is as if on a ship in heavy seas and wakefulness will come to those who wait patiently
- fieldy, 27th Aug '09
Don't know what drink Saffron Michael has been drinking? This is a drink for those appreciating a 'relaxing' evening.
- R. Hale, 27th Aug '09
This will pound you into submission. Proceed with caution.
- Saffa Michail, 26th Aug '09
Very smooth, very moreish and more lethal than a Ninja
- Paul Mansfield, 25th Aug '09
This fine sipping Whisky will put you down if you don't respect it.This Bourbon is truly an iron fist in a velvet glove.
- Glenn, 22nd Jan '09
My bottle lives in the freezer to keep me warm!
- anonymous, 17th Dec '08
smell perfect.add some water can make you smooth,I love this blend.
- Omar, 11th Dec '08
drink alone. this dirty bird is bourbon at its finest value. No need to spend $50 when this $30 bottle will suffice. Highly recommended
- JB, 27th Mar '08
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