L & G Woodford Reserve

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L & G Woodford Reserve
70cl / 43.2%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Labrot & Graham's Woodford Reserve is a superbly smooth, flavoursome bourbon, rich and full-bodied with a sophisticated range of flavours. Excellent as a digestif after a rich meal.
IWSC 2012 - Gold Medal - Whiskey - USA
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Customer Reviews:(39 reviews)
A lovely bourbon to drink neat, but is the best whiskey for a really good Old Fashioned.
- anonymous, 7th Oct '13
My favourite bourbon - in fact my favourite whisky full stop. Smooth as smooth can be, but rich with a beautifully complex flavour full of spices, cinnamon, chocolate, nuts, orange, and oak. A long, spicy, aromatic finish. Well balanced, and mixes well in an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or of course a Mint Julep.
- Scott, 5th Aug '13
This is now my favourite bourbon. Suits my sweet tooth and is very smooth sipping whiskey
- anonymous, 17th Jan '13
This is a special one when it comes to Bourbons. It's more refined and smoother than most others, most probably because of its triple distillation. In terms of smoothness I find this to be compareable to Jameson Irish and even Auchentoshan Scotch(!)
- Juergen - Netherlands, 2nd Jan '13
Becoming more attainable in uk bars, this is a nice bourbon at the cheaper end of the market, i prefer it to its main price competitors like MM and JB but not in the class of flavour of something like Old Grandad. A good all-rounder
- Lucas, 14th Nov '12
Wow! I've tried gentleman jack, mm, buffalo trace but IMHO this is better! Only had a small dram so far but it was actually even better than expected. If you like bourbons I would say this is worth a shot, if u are in the uk and near a browns restaurant, they have it behind the bar there for £5.85 for a double, so you can try before you buy ;-)
- anonymous, 20th Sep '12
I'm fairly new to the whiskey world and having only experienced Jim Beam and Jack Daniels i was stoked to receive this as a gift at Christmas and man has it opened my eyes, not just about other whiskey's, but how good whiskey should be drunk, and that's neat or over a little ice and i owe it all to the Woodford Reserve, just tastes and smells so good. I will always have a bottle of this in my drinks cabinet.
- Dan, Maidstone, Kent, 2nd Mar '12
The best i've ever tasted. I limit myself to just a bottle over the festive period or i would end up with a serious drink problem it's that good.
- Gary Taylor, 21st Nov '11
An amazingly smooth whiskey full of flavour that includes butterscotch, caramel and spices with hints of char and oak. Drinking this is like having a nice cooked meal..it's that good! Well worth the price.
- anonymous, 8th Sep '11
The best nose of any bourbon in my view, close call between this and Elijah Craig.
- anonymous, 19th Aug '11
Nice enough, and not without charm. But I found it lacking in body compared to, say, the more robust taste of Wild Turkey or 100 proof Old Grand Dad.
- MSR, 1st Jul '11
The Best on the market and in the world , please move distillery to England or just send me a few case,s(worth a shot)
- Frank Stewart 19th June 2011, 19th Jun '11
It has dawned on me that the best Bourbons smell of something that the Americans can't even relate to: a Christmas pudding with brandy butter. This has it all - sweetness, caramel, spice
- Andy Mansh, 12th Jun '11
My favourite. It just beats Elijah Craig due to it's smoothness. It may be 45% but It isn't reflected in the taste. This was the whisky we had at my wedding table I rate it that high.
- Richard Murfin, 10th May '11
I was gifted a bottle last autumn by a racing buddy
- Kinnas, 17th Feb '11
Best bourbon i have ever had, better than JB Black, MM, Buffalo Trace ect... . Would even giv3e good single malt scotch's a run for thier money. Classy Stuff.
- Gizmo, South wales, UK, 28th Jan '11
great for manhattans add a touch of sweet vermouth for the classic taste or dry vermouth how i like it :) 4:1 ratio *bourbon/ vermouth respectivly.
- anonymous, 2nd Dec '10
Nice mind !
- Big AL of Ashington, 29th Sep '10
Amazing bourbon! Very complex, sublime. For me, as a single malt lover, it has also delisious Yamazaki note!!!
- rico, 16th Aug '10
lovely bourbon, but bulleit probably edges it for me and its a few pound cheaper
- anonymous, 15th Jun '10
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