Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum

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Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum
70cl / 40%
The spiced rum scene has ignited in the UK following the demise of the old Sailor Jerry recipe. This addition to the fray is from the well-respected St. Lucian brand Chairmans Reserve, and has been described by one of the TWE crew as 'sex in a glass'.
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Customer rating (29 reviews)
More Details:
CountrySt. LuciaTypeMolassesStyleSpiced
Customer Reviews:(29 reviews)
Great mixing rum, with a unique taste that breaks away from other spiced rums that are drowning in vanilla. This tastes almost like Southern Comfort, and can be too sweet for some. This makes some excellent cocktails. Not to be overlooked!
- I3R0K3N7FEET, 31st July
I'm from St. Lucia and I generally don't drink rum. Always hated the taste. But Chairman's spice is absolutely brilliant when paired with cranberry juice.
- anonymous, 13th July
A spiced rum a bit different from the crowd. Don't drown it in cola, instead add a finger or two of cranberry juice and ice. One of my favourite rums.
- Mark, 10th July
Reminds me of St Lucia. Lovely spiced rum with plenty of nutmeg and vanilla. Try it with coffee liqueur, coconut milk, a dash of sugar syrup and lots of ice.
- Jen, 9th July
Gr8 rum, wish it was sold in Puerto Rico.
- anonymous, 17th March
This is world apart from all the run of the mill spiced rum . If you are looking for bland vanilla, limp wristed rum, stick to sailor Jerry's or morgan spice . Chairmans reserve is so nice you can have it neat , or complement with ginger ale . It has a lovely subtle cinnamon , and clove taste along with undertones of vanilla. Coke dose work as a mixer as well , but spoils the spice flavour with the suger over kill taste WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE .
- big Ian , 7th March
this a really good stuff! steer clear from CM spiced and new recipe SJ they are both awful. Get this or foursquare if you want a nice spiced rum that holds the flavour in your mouth.
- rummaster, 19th Dec '13
Bar tender at a rum bar (Tiki) in Glasgow suggested this to me. He also suggested serving it with ice, cloudy apple juice and some fresh squeezed lime. Ooooft - out of this world!
- anonymous, 15th Apr '13
What can I add to all the positive comments that have already been made? Well simply that this is a superlative drink.Fill a large glass with plenty of ice ,add a large measure of this nectar, find a quiet place a cosy chair and just sip and sip and sip.
- Kakurosan, 28th Feb '13
I agree; the best spiced rum out there. They only sell the unSPiced version at Waitrose - so I end up buying Kraken!
- anonymous, 18th Feb '13
My daughter visited St. Lucia and brought me this delicious spiced rum back. I've never tasted a rum that had so many wonderful complexities, aroma, the right amount of sweetness. Love this rum neat with my popcorn and a movie.
- anonymous, 31st Jan '13
I wasn't a fan of spiced/flavoured rum, but I had this during Rumfest last month and loved it. Happy to sip this neat, and it adds a nice complexity to rum and coke. All for £20?! Bargain!!
- MSR, 13th Nov '12
Chairmans Spiced really hits the spot sweet! Ah the aroma, cinnamon, nutmeg, bois bande maybe.. I lived n St Lucia for a few years and was there when it was launched, still drink the plain Chairmans too. St Lucia Distillers, they make all these interesting rums and liqueurs like Nuts and rum and kweyol spiced. They know how to make good, good rum. so Many Caribbean islands, the same too, fine rums oh yes, gotta go back research some more..
- Jonno, 2nd Nov '12
It's nice, cant quite place the after taste but cinnamon keeps coming to mind, Lambs Spiced is still my favourite Spiced Rum (so far) Any more to consider? Have tried Baccardi Oakheart & Morgans Spiced..any decent sub £30 ones to try?
- anonymous, 12th Sep '12
Bought a bottle in Saint Lucia. Simply the best spiced rum I have ever tried. It may be blasphemy to say, but I even prefer it to the old recipe Sailor Jerrys! The rum is infused with the bark of a tree called 'bois bande', Creole for 'hard wood', which is known in the Caribbean for it's potent aphrodisiac properties!
- Luke, 31st Aug '12
Nice stuff, very unique flavour. Reminiscent of old recipe SJ but more cinamon and cloves pushing through rather than vanilla. Wor Lass said it tasted "mediciney" and much prefers the olf SJ.
- Lee Bagnall, 1st Aug '12
Simply the best spiced rum I have tasted. I actually witnessed a guy pass this up when offered in a bar the other week. He originally ordered a morgan's spiced... I could have slapped him! At this price, don't think twice!
- Angus J Whitehead, 23rd Apr '12
This is good. If you think spiced rum means Morgan's Spiced you're in for a nice surprise. Not the overwhelming vanilla flavour here but more subtle and complex spicing. Make lovel and interesting mixing. A bit too harsh for sipping without water or a bit of ice.
- Neil, 2nd Mar '12
This one arrived last week from TWE. Would make a great Xmas drink, but as said above it's an all year round drink. Plenty of flavours going on and mixed with ginger ale it was devine. Very unique flavours but one not to be missed. Give it a try.
- Andy - 12th July 2011, 12th Jul '11
This rum is like a Lucian woman: smooth, sweet and spicy. I should know, I am one. ;)
- Jemma, 21st Jun '11
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