Tobermory 10 Year Old

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Tobermory 10 Year Old
70cl / 46.3%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
New packaging for Tobermory 10 in 2011 and a modern look for this Mull distillery that also produces the peaty Ledaig.
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Customer rating (16 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(16 reviews)
Me and my father in-law sipped this whisky while camping next to a open fire this is a fantastic single malt for your money slightly salty and with a warm dry finish and plenty of floral notes but yet not to peaty . Very enjoyable
- Johnny b , 9 days ago
I've read about this whisky being a joke years ago. Let me tell you THIS is no joke. This is interesting, I don't think this is a wise choice for a novice. Not to mislead anyone as it's in no way similar in my opinion but this is different t like Talisker is "different ". It shares the "explosion" factor but that's where the similarities stop. This is fruity and spicy, a long finish that is probably the most dry that I can recall. It develops nicely after 10-15 and mellows a little. This is good value for money, a worthy addition
- En robot, 18th July
Very nice - very easy to drink - afraid I am not a whisky afficionado I buy them for my husband - but he tells me he absolutely loves it - a surprising newcomer to his list of favourites.
- Frances, 23rd June
Excellent single malt. Fantastic for that nightcap and great to give friends as a present!
- Barrie Ward, 22nd June
Fantastic whisky for the price,would recommend.
- The Rabid Wolverine, 22nd June
Recently bought a bottle of this and it's a different but a very nice scotch. I'm no expert but it's bright and fresh with loads of character and a dry but refreshing finish. I don't think it would ever be a go to malt but it's a great bottle to have on the shelf when you fancy something a bit lighter. Definitely a coastal scotch and i much prefer it to Old Pulteney 12. Perfect for the summer. Recommended
- Beardy, 5th June
What a update in quality compared to the old version with 40%! Deserves extra points for it's unique and complex style. A must try!
- Holger D., 27th Dec '13
A fantastic whisky! Has the saltness as a coastal whisky but without the smoke, which is very rare. You can really taste the sea in this one. It's really complex, but still very young a crisp. It has unripe apples/pear balanced with some canesugery sweetness. My new favourite for being so original. I am exited to try the 15 year old, but I hope it hasn't softened too much, so it will loose it's coastal flavours.
- Mikael, 15th Sep '13
Very nice. Charming and sweet. Loads of life and personality.
- anonymous, 11th Sep '13
Very complex whisky my new go to dram.
- Allan , 30th Aug '13
46.3% no chill filtration no added caramel so its a natural colour more distilleries should be doing this. Fantastic whisky great flavours great price,do not hesitate buy a bottle today you will not be disapointed. Bottletop,07.06.13
- anonymous, 7th Jun '13
Tried it tonight for the first time. Really neat flavour, great bottle.
- Matteo, 10th Apr '13
I like the flowers an herbs on the nose. With pear an ginger on the tongue. All in all not the best or most complex whisky. But very drinkable all the same. Next stop the 15 year old?
- Stewie Ramone., 16th Feb '13
Have to agree with Sean, this new Tobermory is fantastic. Very complex and enjoyable. So much going on!!! Not the hardest whisky to drink, it's just really pleasant. Non chill filtered and no caramel, bottled at 46.3%, for around £30 it's a peach and easily one of the best whiskys I've tried in this price range. Recommended!
- Robski, 11th Dec '12
This is an outstanding whisky for the money. Pale gold colour, beautiful complexity on the nose with loads of grassiness, herbs and floral things going on. On the palate it’s beautifully mysterious with a bit of heat from being bottled at 46.3%, pears, ginger and even bitter chocolate coming through, which is completely unexpected given the colour. Used to be a joke in the whisky world (see ralfy’s review on youtube). Not any more!
- Sean Sankey, 4th Dec '12
Best whisky ever.
- anonymous, 27th Jul '11
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