Pe3 - Elements of Islay

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Pe3 - Elements of Islay
50cl / 54.8%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Speciality Drinks Ltd
Elements of Islay Pe3 is something of a departure from its predecessors in that it is the first Pe to be bottled from an ex-bourbon cask. As a result, Pe3 is a medium-bodied, very medicinal, bandage-y malt rather than an overt full-on sherry monster like its siblings. It's also a bit older, having been distilled in the 1970s.

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Tasting Notes:
Tasting notes by Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

The heavily sherried Pe1 was fab in my opinion (WF93) but I didn’t try Pe2 yet. I’ll do that soon but new stuff first, let’s have Pe3.

Colour: straw.

Nose: after the sherry monster that was Pe1, this is much more subdued, delicate, almost whispering for a Port Ellen. We aren’t too far from the newest OB, this one being just a tad grassier and more almondy when neat and maybe a tad sootier. Just hints of tar. Apple skins.  With water: classic costal, fresh, briny Port Ellen, exactly the opposite of the sherried ones. Perfect grassiness as well, walnuts, graphite oil… Just faint whiffs of new plastic pouch, as often in some PEs. 

Mouth (neat): it’s a rather punchier but also slightly simpler version of Port Ellen, and it may suffer a bit from comparison with the 31yo. Don’t get me wrong, it’s some great PE, it’s just that the OB was so revealing… Anyway, this is a classic peat-packed, zesty middle-aged PE, with a lot of lemon, a little salt and a perfect peatiness. With water: perfectly balanced natural PE. Kippers, lemon, ashes, pepper, ginger…

Finish: long, dry, very ‘precise’.

Comments: I should have tried this excellent one before the OB instead of ranking them by ABV. I know, a mistake, it’s always hard to follow a stunner. SGP:258 - 92 points

Tasting Notes by Tim F

Nose:  Initial honeyed sweetness, then bandages and old bookshelves.  Develops some aromas of coal, wet wood and woolly jumpers, but the overall impression is very much medicine cabinet, with lots of iodine and hints of camphor.

Palate:  Medium-bodied, sits quite lightly on the palate.  Follows on from the nose, with faint honeyed edges around an intensely medicinal palate showing some soot and bonfire-esque phenols. Very clean, almost austere, well-defined flavours. Gets quite spicy and drying towards the death as the oak flexes its muscles.

Finish:  Medium length, drying with spices, coal smoke, spice and lingering iodine.

Customer Reviews:(2 reviews)
...Um where's the rest of my review? Sounds like I didn't like it! I actually thought it was rather a good whisky! It only felt "light" after the Ar2
- MrClaw, 2nd Nov '10
Tried at Whisky Show 2010. Felt quite "light" after trying the Lg2
- MrClaw, 1st Nov '10
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