Snow Grouse Grain Whisky

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Snow Grouse Grain Whisky
70cl / 40%
Blended Grain Scotch Whisky
A novel concept from Famous Grouse - a whisky specifically designed to be drunk cold. Snow Grouse is a blend of grain whiskies and is recommended to be served straight from the freezer.
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Customer rating (4 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(4 reviews)
A great budget grain whisky with a smooth flavour
- Andy , 22nd June
Delicious. If you like any of the Scandinavian snaps you'll love it. And try it with marinated herring or smoked salmon...
- anonymous, 25th Apr '13
A very nice drinkable Whisky without the nasty eye punching kick that some Whiskys have.
- anonymous, 16th Apr '13
Really interesting whiskey. Quite sweet and very easy drinking when ice cold.
- Scott Bowman, 27th Aug '12
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