Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

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Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky
75cl / 46%
Corn Whiskey
A very interesting whisky, the first to be legally distilled in Texas, made from blue corn (not sure what that is, but it sounds impressive) and, remarkably, being the recipient of a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Definitely one to watch.

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Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
I usually drink single malt but sometimes buy something a bit different to try.Nose and taste distinct from other types of whisk(e)y - creamy mouth feel, slightly sweet and custardy, oats, hint of malted milk biscuits. Not complex and no long finish but slight new spirity aftertaste. Easy summer sipper.If you fancy a ?malternative? for this money I would instead recommend a rye whiskey. High West Rendez-Vous is my current favourite but can be hard to track a bottle down.
- Linford, 29th Aug '11
Utterly unique. The single greatest thing I have ever drunk. Words can do it no justice and it is impossible to describe. It is nothing short of miraculous.
- MSR, 6th Aug '11
Blue corn is quite common actually, mexican people use it to make corn tortillas, it's either made with blue corn flour or white corn flour.
- Cubitus, 10th May '11
Just to note- According to the company's own website, this is made with 100% blue Hopi heirloom corn. There is no mention of rye anywhere. This should make it appropriate for coeliacs.
- anonymous, 13th Feb '11
I disagree with Hans. Not being a Stroh 80 drinker I found this to be quite a unique flavour. I'm not sure what Blue Corn is either but it certainly gives this Whiskey a taste different from any other.You'll either it love it or be indifferent to it. Im the former.
- Newnham, 9th Feb '11
Having tried this, I find it very hard to believe it won double gold, but then again I like drinking Stroh 80 so what do I know?
- Hans Gruber, 18th Dec '10
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