Prucia Plum Liqueur

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Prucia Plum Liqueur
70cl / 15%
Made in France with locally-produced Golden Japanese Ume plums, Prucia is made by macerating the plums in grape spirit before ageing in French oak barrels, with the end result having almond / marzipan along with the juicy plum flavours. Great in a glass of sparkling wine as an alternative Kir Royale.
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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
Frankly the best drink I've had so far. To give an idea of its taste, it's very fruity. Generally liqeurs tend to be overly sweet but this drink tastes like you're drinking the nectar of a thousand plums but with a sharpness that is very clean and encompassing, well balanced by crushed ice. This is a sippy drink. Not one for knocking back. A 50ml glass will keep the flavour on your palette for the rest of the night. A very worthwhile buy, would recommend to anyone.
- anonymous, 22nd Aug '12
Delicious served neat over crushed ice or topped up with Champagne/sparkling wine as an alternative to Kir Royale. Really lovely drink and would dispute that it is only for ladies!
- anonymous, 3rd Jun '11
One for the ladies, and a very good one at that. Very well priced at £25, a drink of this quality is easily worth more.
- anonymous, 1st Mar '11
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