Louis Roederer Cristal 2002 / Methuselah

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Louis Roederer Cristal 2002 / Methuselah
600cl / 12%
A huge methusaleh (6 litres) of Louis Roederer's top of the range Cristal champagne. 2002 was an excellent year for champagne, with Berry Brothers claiming it to be the greatest vintage since 1990, and this bottle is big enough for everyone to have a taste.
(£7,083.33 ex. VAT)
Despatched within 3-7 working days
Customer Reviews:(14 reviews)
A sublime cuvee. A fantastic and powerful vintage which was masterfully tamed by the genius chef at LR. Fresh and youthful at the moment but nonetheless displays great character. The bottle I had exhibited great fresh lemon from the get-go. Balanced by a mild toastyness, but not nearly as toasty as DP. A unique wine that will develop beautifully over the next decade+. However, it is drinking extremely well now.
- Nunu, 28th Apr '13
Lovely stuff
- Paul doone hooper , 25th Jan '13
Only one of the kind, fantastic I would recommend anyone this champagne!
- NG Interior Designer, 29th Dec '12
Insane. I love this.
- Nicola Rosa Lionetti, 14th Jul '12
Great night on this bottle
- Ace & Big P, 6th Jul '12
simply amazing
- Sir penisface , 24th Jun '12
My husband treated me for my birthday at the Savoy, wonderful evening, simply the best champagne ive ever enjoyed. Thanks so much darling. "champagne for everyone" x
- Alex O'Shea. 21st September, 8th Dec '11
- Hugo McKay, 11th Jun '11
Love it
- Cristiano Ronaldo 7, 17th May '11
Love this drink. I bathe in it. I'm thinking of popping a bottle now. Not sure what year to pick, the 1999 one or the 2002 one.
- Lord Lothario VII, 7th May '11
had some of this my 25th Birthday,from Uncle Vincent in New York Ritz Hotel...it was the very best...
- anonymous, 7th May '11
one of the best forms of pleasure imaginable! in the words of the famouse Bubbles De Vere. CHAMPAGNE DARLING, CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE!!!
- stephen burke, 2nd Apr '11
The best !!!
- Krystian Oliver, 7th Mar '11
Obviously the best champagne I ever drunk !
- Yann GAUTIER, 15th Feb '11
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