Butterfly Boston Absinthe

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Butterfly Boston Absinthe
70cl / 65%
Fascinating recreation of a lost US-produced pre-Prohibition absinthe, recreated by Swiss absinthe producer Claude-Alain Bugnon of La Clandestine. A twist on the usual french style with citrus peel giving a spicy edge to the anis.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting note by Billy A
On the nose there was the expected citrus peel, leafy mint, and musky wood with an earthy bitterness. To taste there was pine, butter and spice, a building bitterness which cut off with bitter anis and a hint of soap. A nice balance of sweet and bitter, with an un-traditional (for Europe, at least) citrus edge.
Tasting note by Class Magazine
Appearance: Clear, pale algae green. Milky green louche with water.
Aroma: Herbal pine forest aromas sit over anise, angelica and wormwood in what is best summed up as being a verdant nose.
Taste: (reduced 4-1 with water) Pine forest and spruce needles lead a herbal anise palate with good wormwood character.
Aftertaste: Herbal barky anise finish.
diffordsguide rating: 5/5
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