Jim Beam Black 6 Year Old / Triple Aged

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Jim Beam Black 6 Year Old / Triple Aged
70cl / 43%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Jim Beam Black, the 'triple-aged' statement refers not to three different types of cask (as that would not be allowed under bourbon regulations) but to the 6 year old age statement, which is three times the minimum maturation period for straight bourbon.

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Customer rating (10 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
Not the original formula, used to be double aged, 8 years aged, now triple aged, 6 years aged. Still very nice, and can be drank neat, mixed and best consumed in large quantities, and shared in a group too.
- anonymous, 9 days ago
really smooth with a fruity aftertaste a gem for the price
- mark g, 25th June
I've tried a few bourbons here and there, but Jim beam black is not to be trifled with, it's a well-rounded full flavored bourbon
- Iain, 22nd June
When you have black you don't go back.
- anonymous, 24th May
I feel like having more - if you crave for bourbons like Elijah Craig 12, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Knob Creek, Rittenhouse Rye - you will love this one - if you crave for Maker's Mark or Jack Daniels, you won't like it too much!!
- Roger , 21st March
- Heniek, 8th Jun '13
Very tasty and smooth. Really enjoyed this one. I first tried it from the sampler pack of 4 50ml tasters that Jim Beam put out. I will definitely be buying another bottle of this one.
- Jimbo, SoCal, 6th Jul '12
As usual, black is better - reasonably smooth, worth an extra few bucks. But still better the other 8 year Jim Beam Black double the original JB white label's 4.
- Narib, 26th Dec '11
I bought this purely because I liked the bottle, but it's also a lovely sipping Bourbon.
- Nick H, 22nd Sep '11
Silly to call it triple aged with this explanation. Everybody will think you used 3 different barrels (must be all new for Bourbon). This is false info to the consumer. Call it 6 years old or simply black again, but this is false and fake.
- Rene van Hoven, 18th Aug '11
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