Aberlour 10 Year Old

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Aberlour 10 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Aberlour 10yo is a great entry-level malt, ideal for beginners, with a fine sherried spiciness. Pound for pound, this is one of the best that Speyside has to offer.
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CountryScotlandRegionSpeysideBottlerDistillery BottlingAge10 Year Old
Customer Reviews:(44 reviews)
Easy going dram, good for Summertime entertainment. AB10 makes me long for Glendronach-12 or Macallan-12 ...
- Toronto Tim (Canada), 30th May
A lovely nose. Taste is not overly complex, but for the price it's a fine value. Extremely smooth, perfect for beginner whisky drinkers.
- Nick from Canada, 19th Dec '13
This whisky has a great nose. The smell promises so much flavour and complexity, which the taste does not deliver on at all. This is only just worth the £20 I paid for a bottle, and I keep it around for the sake of having a whisky in the house I don't mind whisky-and-coke fans using. I may be being unfair to it here, as a lot of people seem to like it, but I think there are much nicer single malts for the price
- Vilhelmus, 27th Nov '13
Agree with Kelly that it is a pleasant, sherrish malt, with a very nice bouquet but lacking some character, notably finish is a bit too short and not leaving any aftertaste. Should be 46%. Still a good one for beginners or for every day budget-malt sipping.
- rico, 23rd Jul '13
I found this one pleasent, but rather forgettable. Not remarkable or outstanding in any particular way that I could discern, but certainly decent enough. Anyway, it is quite possible I missed some of the subtleties others have praised, so I would be glad enough of a chance to investigate it again.
- Kelly, 12th May '13
This is a great all rounder at a great price. Try it there is nothing not to like about it.
- Johnny Norfolk., 1st May '13
I have 1 bottle in memory of my Father every Christmas, miss him having a few dram's with me
- anonymous, 2nd Apr '13
One of the first single malts I purchased and a good introduction to Speyside. Easy drinking style that will not offend anyone and good value for money. If you like this I would recommend trying Singleton, Monkey Shoulder or perhaps a Glenlivet 15yr old, all of which are readily available and easy to cheekily request for your birthday or xmas!
- The Colonel, 26th Mar '13
A straightforward malt but with a tremendously rounded flavour. An everyday, undemanding but ultimately enjoyable dram that you keep coming back too. Good value.
- Islwyn Paul, 2nd Feb '13
A great dram, & great value for money. I would recommend to anyone.
- Rick., 22nd Nov '12
A memorable single malt whiskey. Absolutely NO smoky taste whatsoever, simply a quiet, mellow and extremely smooth and sweet flavour. I have since put my Glenfidiche away and have made this my scotch of choice - just marvelous!
- Bryan, 26th Aug '12
Pound for pound, one of the best!
- Pal, 14th May '12
Well, what can I say about this beauty that hasn't already been said. It is easily the best 10yo malt around. Punches well above it's weight against the Glenfiddichs, Glenmorangies and the other big brands of this world.
- Jamie H, 9th Mar '12
My first taste of Malt Whisky , just recently. This is easy and smooth to drink. Leaves a fantastic warm feeling at the end. Difficult to put the bottle away
- Jughead, 23rd Feb '12
I would class this as a grower. It seemed a bit simple and sweet at first but after a while I really started to enjoy it and would be happy to recomend it to anyone wanting a smooth easy drinking dram.
- Matt B, 25th Jan '12
Just a really nice uncomplicated and easy-drinking malt - you can even have it with ice in the summer! I like the peaty/Islay stuff too, but no reason to be be dismissive of this great value 10 yo. The only real problem is that it's dangerously quaffable!
- Paul, 8th Nov '11
A pure, simple but brilliant reflection of Speyside Single Malt. If you want to transform this drink into something totally different - take a few drams from the bottle and top it up with Drambui and refrigerate it. NECTAR! A pleasant alternative to dessert wine, and it goes down a hit with the ladies at parties and also for dinner guests who don't normally drink whisky. SLANJE!
- The Flying Scotsman, 14th Jul '11
I prefer Irish normally but have started to dabble in some Scotch tasting. This is a very nice whiskey. Sweet and smooth. You could do a lot worse. What a delight!
- J Mc Beth, 7th Jun '11
A very tempting nose, one of the best in single malts. Even better honeyed, sherried, bourbon-vanilla palate. Excellent stuff! Although, the finish is rather short and the whole malt would probably be even better at 43 %.
- Mikko, 7th Mar '11
The Beatles of whiskey: anyone can enjoy it, it is accessible but, if you want it to be, it has it's own complex network of flavours. This is the antithesis to smoky, peaty, salty malts like Jura or - gulp - Talisker. But then I am only 28, and not accustomed to fishing off the Hebrides on a cold winters day. A warm, honeyed hug in a bottle. The soft name rolls off the tongue. The sweet malt inside rolls down the tongue.
- Man of the midlands, 2nd Feb '11
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