Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros

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Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros
70cl / 45%
The Gold Medal-winning liquid inside Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros remains the same as for the old Cuban Barrel Proof - as the name suggests, the casks have been hand-picked by the Master Roneros from the company's finest aged stocks.

The rums selected by the Roneros are finished in special casks chosen for their aromatic properties before being bottled at a higher strength than the standard range for a more intense, immediate flavour on the palate.

Havana Club
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Customer rating (11 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Appearance: Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros distinguishes itself by a warm amber hue, with a deep red glow.

Nose: A light nose of caramel, toasted pecan and spice aromas which reveals more robust origins with tobacco aromas and the presence of wood character.

Palate: A round and buoyant entry leads to a complex, flavourful, full-bodied palate of dark caramel, cocoa, coffee, sweet tobacco and brown spices.

Finish: A pleasant smoky oak and spice finish blended with caramelised fruits to give the experience a remarkable balance.

Perfect serve

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros is best enjoyed by rum connoisseurs as a slow sipping rum, neat or on the rocks. 

Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
In my opinion the best of the havana club range, other than the maestro which I havnt tried yet
- anonymous, 9th July
Spotted this in a local supermarket and had to grab a bottle (cost 47 quid in the supermarket as well, so a good price on this site if you cant find it locally). Usually drink Havana 7, Diplomatico, Zecapa amongst others. I've also had this stuff in when it was previously labelled as Barrel Proof and have to say, it is a superb sipping rum, I would highly recommend splashing out on this if you like your rums.
- scatt, 2nd Nov '13
If you taste a 15 years old rum barrel proof u will not drink any thing else again,that is nothing just to send it down your throat ,that is some to have a good time with,and relax by a good cigar..
- Jens, 27th Sep '13
This product is indeed unique, because it is the result of a collective gathering of most members of Cuban Maestros Roneros' guild who hand select the rum bases and barrels that create the final blend before the finish, then after some time they meet again to assess every barrel, only those who fit the profile will be sent for bottling at cask strength, no adjusments allowed.
- MADV, 25th Sep '13
The extra 5% really makes a difference. I had to add a splash of water to this, otherwise in the nose there was a sharp blast of alcohol when I raised the glass to my mouth - to be expected from a barrel strength rum I suppose ( this is my first) but after trying the 3yr, anejo, & 7yr I was a little disappointed in this as a neat sipping rum, though it is very smooth cut with h20 and will also make a great rum old fashioned.
- bri, 27th Aug '13
A mate's just given me a bottle and WOW! this stuff is smooth. Syrupy smooth with a wonderful kick. I thought the 7 year old was the best - I've three different "grades" of HC - but this stuff is simply the bestest straight rum I have ever had. I can see this having to into protective custody!
- anonymous, 2nd Jun '13
this is a real rum, no sweet taste for beginners or easy to drink tricks, I love it!!!
- anonymous, 8th May '13
- James, 5th Feb '12
- EAAP, 6th Dec '11
I really appreciated the Barrel Proof - and if it is the same product [with upgraded design] I will like this as well! Along with the 7 years old I guess that this is the best product of Havana Club. While I usually don't like much the style of Havana Club, I can really enjoy those. Kudos to Havana Club to offer this great product...
- opinionated alchemist, 16th Oct '11
Hands down the best rum I have ever tasted! Havana Club has something very good going on here.
- Grant, 29th Aug '11
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