Chartreuse Cuvee des MOFS

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Chartreuse Cuvee des MOFS
70cl / 45%
A very special limited edition Chartreuse produced in partnership with a French guild of Master Sommeliers, the MOFS (it stands for 'Meuilleurs Ouvriers de France-Sommeliers'). The MOFS were flying blind as they weren't allowed to see the original recipe, and this is said to be less sweet and much more complex than standard yellow Chartreuse. It's very rarely that Chartreuse ever do special editions or new recipes, so this is a major event.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
The nose is intense, warm and fine. The flavours are expressed in stages. Gentian, ginger, and ripe mango develop ......supported by candied citrus fruit and other flavours emerge with mint, fennel and licorice.
The mouth is coated with a nice sweet taste, mixed with a smooth generosity ... the finish on the palate gives a feeling of insatiable freshness ...
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