Rubis Chocolate Wine / Chocolate-Velvet-Ruby

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Rubis Chocolate Wine / Chocolate-Velvet-Ruby
50cl / 15%
A very off-the-wall alternative to port, Rubis is a chocolate-flavoured Spanish fortified wine made from the Tempranillo grape (more usually seen in Rioja) and infused with a luxurious chocolate essence. Chocolate AND red wine?! The ladies are going to love this.
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Customer rating (23 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(23 reviews)
Found it in a christmas market in Liverpool a couple of years ago - gorgeous stuff!
- Ben, 5 days ago
After stumbling across this wine at Borough Market I went in search of chocolate wines and have to say this is by far the best I have found. A fortified wine, it tastes like a cherry port with a chocolaty finish. Very smooth and sweet without being sickly.
- anonymous, 14th April
This is absolutely gorgeous. Very smooth and tastey. Not acidic at all. Wish I had purchased 2. Would make a great Christmas gift.
- Leanne, 1st January
I tasted some in a wine shop last night and had to buy myself a bottle for Christmas :)
- anonymous, 21st Dec '13
Chocolate and wine together!!!!!!!! What more could a girl want!!!! Tastes like a port with a lovely chocolate after taste. Would recommend this to anyone!! Amazing
- anonymous, 24th Nov '13
Utterly fantastic. So rich and indulgent. Definately Christmas presents.
- anonymous, 7th Sep '13
This is fabulous. First found at Burghley Horse Trails it goes especially well with chilli nuts. Sounds a funny mix but you really should try it. Yum Yum
- anonymous, 6th Sep '13
I'm not a red wine expert but I know what I like and this is a perfect drink in front of the fire on a cold evening. Recommend highly
- anonymous, 11th Dec '12
I agree with the bigger bottles comment :-)
- anonymous, 27th Nov '12
bought 1 bottle last weekend, gorgeous wine, got to have more, love it, ..................
- jan, 1st Nov '12
This is gorgeous wine but not easy to purchase. Every new place I visit I check for this wine but most places have Never heard of it. Why? I ask Somebody needs to do a promotion on this drink oh how happy I'd b To purchase this wine when ever I wanted too. Rubis I miss u!
- anonymous, 28th Aug '12
Just had some of this and have to say "Love It". Wasn't toooo sweet either. Lovely x
- anonymous, 11th Apr '12
Really not keen on the combination of red wine and chocolate, but the ladies seem to love it! Black Forest Gâteaux describes it perfectly.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 9th Mar '12
Tasted it just yesterday...I love the chocolatey taste. Must confess its lovely
- mimi. Nigeria, 20th Feb '12
This is a little piece of heaven in a glass, im not a huge wine drinker (and almost hate red wine!) but this doesn't even taste like normal wine, its wonderful!
- anonymous, 25th Nov '11
whoever created this drink is a genius - bigger bottles please
- anonymous, 16th Nov '11
superb starts with a good cherry flavour (from the 100% temranillo grape) and finishes with a good chocolaty flavour , best served chilled with chocolate desserts , would highlt recomend this as a good alternative to a desert wine
- zek klietz, 12th Oct '11
After a scrummy taste of this wine I bought some back from the BBC food show. Arrived home and dropped it... no, not down my neck, on the floor :-(. I'm about to purchase some more today and p'haps leave a review when i've dropped a bottle...down my neck this time :-). Give it a go it's delicious!!
- anonymous, 17th Aug '11
Black Forest Gâteaux in a drink, it's lovely.
- barkingb, 13th Aug '11
Love this stuff!! absolutely delicious, but for some reason very hard to get hold of...
- anonymous, 26th Jul '11
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