Monkey 47 Gin

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Monkey 47 Gin
50cl / 47%
A curious gin from the Black Forest in Germany. Made with 47(?!) botanicals and bottled at 47%, they also use a 'secret weapon typical to the Black Forest' in the mix - cranberries.
IWSC 2011 Gold Medal Winner - Best in Class

Shortlisted for the TWE Spirit of the Year 2013 award
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(£32.04 ex. VAT)
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Customer Reviews: (19 reviews)
This is definitely one of the best thing I'ver had the privilege of drinking. If I could replace my blood with it I would. Highly recommended.
- William K, 10th March
Tasted or the first time last night at Oblix bar (Shard London) .. Wow Best G&T Ever -
- Fiona, 18th January
its a hard choice between this and the botonist both are great gins
- george & karen, 7th January
definitely the best gin ever - delicious
- lynK, 19th Dec '13
Discovered this little beauty in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. Top notch gin, the rest are a waste once you've tasted this .
- Jaymzee, 14th Nov '13
Completely different to any other gin. I'd heard of it and finally found it in a bar in Hamburg over New Year. The night whizzed by and ended up consuming a bottle of the stuff to myself! Fantastic gin.
- Paul Roberts, 23rd Jan '13
I drink all different kinds of gin, and Monkey 47 is by far my favorite. Unique and delicious flavor, goes well with most things(try it with a little cardamon...Expensive, so I only drink it every now and again, but definitely worth every penny.
- Iago, 8th Jan '13
Expensive......but you get what you pay for! Quite honestly the most amazing gin I have ever tried - I have mine neat (chilled) or with soda....any other way would be a waste imho. The only problem with it......once you've tried it, nothing else quite makes the mark!
- anonymous, 17th Nov '12
Tried this for the first time last night in Hamburg..Loved it
- Aider, 17th Oct '12
Superlative !
- Fenton, 6th Oct '12
Pretentious - moi?......seriously though guys a great gin....ignore Jay's comment. Not sure its worth the price but the depth of flavour is wonderful...........
- anonymous, 24th Aug '12
Pretentious Gin - cool bottle though.
- Jay, 30th Jul '12
Bad News / Good News - adding Vermouth (even Noilly) to this gin is a waste....the fine textured layering of the (gins) flavours are lost....however - it makes the best Gin and Tonic I have ever tasted bar none. Superb - there is no other word for it
- Moles Friend, 3rd Jul '12
"Best gin on the Planet" in my book the perfect wine drinkers gin
- anonymous, 27th Jun '12
Had this in Berlin last week - I didn't think anything could beat Hendicks, but Monkey 47 is incredible stuff!
- Edd, 26th Jun '12
To the gentleman who got a bottle for fathers day - don't forget to post your views please. I have given this stuff even to people who don't like Gin (yes - such people exist)and they are all impressed. On Friday night I intend to try this in a Dry Martini - what this space............
- Moles Friend, 21st Jun '12
just got a bottle for fathers day a cant wait to try it sounds great and love the look of the bottle
- anonymous, 17th Jun '12
Amazing - I have never tasted anything like this....when drunk straight the flavours are literally 'layered' on top of each and just go on releasing. Expensive but unique.....for anyone who likes Gin this is a must buy.
- anonymous, 16th Jun '12
Completely unique and deliciously fresh, please get stock soon!
- Jane, 17th Aug '11
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