Old Monk 7 Year Old Rum

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Old Monk 7 Year Old Rum
70cl / 40%
A 7 year old rum from Uttar Pradesh in India. It's one of the largest selling rums in the world, almost all thanks to word of mouth.
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Customer Reviews: (21 reviews)
For sipping at a reasonable price OMXXX is the best rum I've ever had. Overwhelmingly molasses flavoured and with a taste that lingers in the mouth this rum is a pure joy to drink. A frequent-flyer friend of mine who was my main pipeline from India sadly had a bottle break in his suitcase and after that wasn't so keen to pack it for me so I'm so glad to have found it for sale in the UK at long last.
- Blue Shadow, 25th January
Couldn't get enough supplies of this guaranteed from my work colleagues in India, fortunately thewhiskyexchange stocks it! A great tasting rum, one that you can sip or mix and enjoy either way.
- Chris, 27th Jul '13
Oh my god - night market in Goa memories. Can't believe you can get this here now - woohoo.
- rhonacorona, 18th Dec '12
Old Monk maan a great rum My Indian colleagues used to bring me the stuff. During my days in Delhi drinking he tuff was a daily ritual of all things Indian I love it the most.
- mehdi, 12th May '12
Iam fan of Old Monk... and i too agree with Arjun Bachani comment, the original is not properly available in indoor. I bet you... if any one can have this drink On the Rocks for One shot.... the next you will search for Coke or Water Immediately... Its a Tough Drink... I never ever felt this taste in any other drink.... This is truly a Male Drink.... :-) Hats of to India
- anonymous, 3rd May '12
I met one of the owners in Goa calling himself Mohan.He Introduced me to the Goan minister and gave me some Old Monk rum as a gift a real gentleman
- anonymous, 24th Mar '12
Very rich tasting rum with a caramel effect..lovely...much better than many rums sold in UK
- Davy Blackburn, Edinburgh, 1st Jan '12
Dyer Meakin was the oldest brewery established in India during Raj sometime in the 1800s. Eversince Mohan Meakin (renamed) has been producing this exclusive rum ..Old Monk !!
- Sam, 24th Dec '11
I just bought a bottle for a friend's Christmas present. This has very limited availability in the UK. Some connoiseurs don't rate it but this has a great caramel and molasses taste that will entertain those with a sweet tooth yummy!
- Malcolm, 16th Dec '11
Drank this on my travels in India, the effect was the same as drinking champagne. Absolutely delicious.
- anonymous, 10th Dec '11
great,favourite of all indians,best rum-neat or mixed,no hangover guranteed, will buy a few for xmas, thanks for making it available
- george, 27th Nov '11
old monk is insaine dudes
- ooooooooooooooooo, 11th Nov '11
Wow, I'm so happy that I found this site. Best rum I've ever had! I haven't had any since I was last in India as I didn't know you could get it over here, (I'm sure it wasn't available anywhere last time I looked) I will be buying soon as soon as I have money :D
- Pixie, 27th Oct '11
best rum great in taste
- jassi, 25th Oct '11
its the best rum that i ever had
- anonymous, 4th Oct '11
Kaval: Well, apart from our UK based website and London shop, of course :)
- TWE Admin, 13th Sep '11
I play cricket with some Carribean friends and they boasted about Carribean Rum all the time, that was until they tasted this one and they are now fans of this one too. It's a shame it is not available in the UK.
- Kaval, 12th Sep '11
First tasted it about 15 years ago courtesy who used to work for the Indian army, have tried all types of rums hence, from caribbeans to south america but this one is indisputably the best of them all. If there is a 'Rum Hall of Fame' , then this one will definitely be honoured.
- Nostalgic Indian, 10th Sep '11
one of the nicest rums I have ever had - drink with cola and all you can think of is rum and raisin icecream -YUM!
- Tracey, 1st Sep '11
Best rum ever tasted.
- jasbir, 21st Jul '11
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