King Robert II

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King Robert II
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
King Robert II is a blended scotch whisky from Ian Macleod Distillers, who of course are owners of Glengoyne (and now Tamdhu), as well as bottlers of the excellent Isle of Skye blend and the Chieftain's Choice range of single malts.
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Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
It is one of the good tasting whisky I have ever tried.
- anonymous, 11th Jun '13
its a perfect drink for relaxation of the mind and meditation, i loved the taste,it goes down well ofter taking a fatty meal of roasted goatmeat and cornmeal
- shadir (kenya), 31st May '13
Great value whisky and nice aftertaste.Recently purchased it in Dubai duty free shop £6.78 per litre at 43% vol.Yes £6.78.Pity the allowance is only 1 litre.I used to drink Famous Grouse but now it's King BOB for me
- Guitar macdee from Barrhead, 30th May '13
good for the price
- baiju, 12th Apr '13
Not really an alcohol guy Saw this in the anime Full Metal Panic looked it up to see if it was real and decided to try. Really not to bad mixed well with soda.
- Frank, 15th Jan '13
when i drank this i was absolutely stunned. I certainly did not expect something like that for its price.
- anonymous, 20th Dec '12
I like it. Subtle without knockout flavours
- anonymous, 17th Aug '12
I really like it, think I might get a few more bottles!
- Gary, 4th May '12
one of the very best in taste i really love this brand it is superb
- sabir ayub Karachi Pakistan , 18th Jan '12
...what is really special in this Whisky, finishing notes and aftertaste...GREAT VALUE FOR IT'S PRICE.....
- Aleram, 8th Dec '11
has an ubiquituous, oldfashioned quality to it, somehow makes me think of a combination of Teacher's and Famous Grouse.
- anonymous, 31st Oct '11
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