Tomatin Decades

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Tomatin Decades
70cl / 46%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A special whisky from Tomatin, created to honour master distiller Douglas Campbell's 50th year of service with the company. He has created the whisky by selecting casks from each of the 5 decades he's been at the distillery to create a complex whisky marrying age and youth together.
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionHighlandBottlerDistillery Bottling
Tasting Notes:
Tasting notes by Duncan R

Colour: Gold
Aroma: Soft fruits, delicate vanilla, hint of smoke
Palate: Soft peat, forest fruits, vanilla soft sweetness
Finish: Balanced, light, earthy, lingering

The influence of a small amount of peat, which they have been using in a small number of batches of spirit since 2005, added yet another dimension to what is a very versatile whisky.

Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
It is an outstanding Whisky from Toma'Tin (as the Japaneses say it.) Regardless of where we place the Emphah sis; or it's regional In Fluence (highland flavor, ha)~ it is a delicious sweet and spicy Malt. I liken the spice to an elder Pulteney: and the sweet stuff... i've found it in no other whisky; Mr Douglas Campbell made that magic happen.
- anonymous, 10th Oct '13
Whether it's Speyside or Highland doesn't really matter to me - this whisky is one of my absolute favourites! And it's a really complex beast - it took us quite some time to sort out all the individual flavours of the five different casks from five decades (1967, 1976, 1984, 1990 and 2005). Great dram for the price.
- Eugen Schuler, 28th Jul '13
Speyside is in the Highlands, just as Pomerol is in Bordeaux. Macallan also has Highland Malt on its label, yet is situated in the heart of Speyside. Incidentally, as well as being Speyside in Michael Jackson's Companion, Jim Murray lists it as Speyside in the Whisky Bible, and Dominic Roskrow lists it as 'in the north of the Speyside region' in his latest book as well. That's good enough for us - we're not going to enter into any further discussion on this.
- TWE Admin, 23rd Feb '12
Tomatin is undoubtedly in the Highland region, as indicated on the label itself and any other whisky malt map or classification list.
- anonymous, 22nd Feb '12
Anonymous: It's a borderline case, right on the dividing line between Speyside and Highlands. We go with Michael Jackson's classifications, which put this as a Speyside.
- TWE Admin, 3rd Oct '11
Tomatin whisky is highland malt not Speyside. Please update your website as it is factually incorrect
- anonymous, 2nd Oct '11
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