Kuchh Nai Blended Whisky

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Kuchh Nai Blended Whisky
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A rich blended whisky with a hint of smoke, named for a pun - Kuchh Nai means 'nothing', making it hard to ask for...
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Customer rating (6 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
I am quite eager to buy Kuch Nai. I tried at London Airport from my one of friend purchased few years before. Please let me know the source to buy. Very nice taste !
- Satish Walia, 22nd June
I have tasted it n found it very smooth no hard hitting a new experience in this class. In short we can switch over to KUCHH NAHIN.............
- Iqbal Singh, 15th Mar '13
I tried it and to be honest it's 7/10. Simple n sophisticated at the same time.
- Manu D, 16th Jul '12
Rumour has it that this bottle was commissioned by a person from the state of Punjab, India. It says the person often asked his guests what they would like to drink and the answer was "Kuchh Nai", Punjabi for "Nothing".. so out came a bottle and glasses. bottoms up. This whisky is tremendous and brings out a few smiles when placed on the table/bar..
- Kam Singh Aulakh, 19th Jun '12
This is a fine whiskey in my humble opinion. I love that it is called Nothing. Ever sat around drinking a really bad whiskey and had someone say,"Well, its better than nothing."? Well, this is the nothing it isn't better than. It is really very good, which just goes to prove, there is no such thing as a bad whiskey. Maybe I was thinking of white lightning.
- W. Robert Arnold, Canada, 13th May '12
- nainda monie, 11th Sep '11
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