Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey Liqueur

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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey Liqueur
70cl / 35%
Long awaited in the UK and with a big following in the USA, this is Jack Daniel's honey and whiskey liqueur. A mix of regular Old No 7 and a spiced honey liqueur, it's got spice, sweetness, floral undertones and a long smooth finish. Drink over ice, chilled or even in a cup of coffee - it's rather tasty.
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Customer rating (66 reviews)
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Lew Bryson for Whisky Advocate
There's vanilla, cinnamon, and... oh, right, honey! The honey here is not shy, but not generic, either, there's a nice floral, herbal complexity to it. Drinks smooth and warm, not overly sweet for 35%, and the honey's here, as is some dialed-back cinnamon and a dash of cocoa in the finish. A late breath revives everything. The best of the American honey-whiskey drinks to date. 89 Points
Customer Reviews:(66 reviews)
I'm not normally a fan of American bourbon but in this case I'll make an exception. Wonderfully smooth and very drinkable. The honey gives it a softness that takes the rough edges off the normal bourbon taste.
- S king, 9th July
Just tried my first glass over ice. Usually mix jd with coke or apple juice but the honey is smooth and goes straight down. Love it will be having more
- anonymous, 16th June
Just tried my first glass over ice. Usually mix JD with coke or apple juice, but the honey is smooth and goes straight down. Love it will be having more.
- anonymous, 15th June
Very different taste when compared to Jim Beam Honey (Which tastes simply like Jim Beam bourbon infused with actual honey in it). This feels more a liqueur (like Drambuie is to whisky). Lovely on the rocks. The sweetness and contrast to the ordinary JD may put some off, but I love it.
- anonymous, 18th Dec '13
Some great reviews which says to me this is very much a marmite drink. Personally I hated it. Way to sweet and the honey flavour just didn't sit well with the spirit.
- Phil, 8th Dec '13
I was introduced to this drink last night by a friend, after an evening out. It was divine. Simply poured over some large chunks of ice, it was the perfect end to the evening. I'll be getting myself a bottle.
- Paul Hartley, 31st Aug '13
I usually don't like JD very much, I drink it with coke sometimes but that's up, but I'm a fan of honey and when I was told to try this I was speechless. I even drink this straight.
- Samatha, 15th Jul '13
I'm Scottish and believe it or not I cant stand whiskey, but recently went on a trip to the US and was told there to try Jack Daniels, and I love it, then about 3 months ago my friend bought me JD Honey, and to me its the best spirit out there, and like other people I drink it neat, is it me or is there a slight smell of curry
- Kevin Mchenry, 21st Apr '13
Absolutely awesome....the best new bourbon of the century....I am blown away
- Geburael, 29th Mar '13
This is absolutely devine, mixes with anything but like most people have said, best served chilled and on its own - maybe with a few chunks of ice.
- The Imp, 25th Mar '13
Tried it last night for the first time, didnt think I would like it but I was seriously wrong, very nice drink, I will certainly be buying this again, Thank you Jack Daniels, stunning tipple.
- Kev Tunstall, 20th Mar '13
Bought a bottle at JFK on impulse . Greatest discovery on drinks front ! Neat for full honey flavour , over ice for Jack Daniels bite, from the fridge as a party ender with friends. . . Best ever
- Nick 01/02/13, 1st Feb '13
heaven in a glass, nicer than normal jack or gentleman jack!
- sarah, 24th Jan '13
Lovely stuff.I preferred it to the Jim Beam equivalent as it has a sweeter honey after taste.The wife said it tasted like a crunchie bar in a glass!
- Ian Mcgenn, 21st Jan '13
Read about this online, showed it to a mate and said that looks good, went out for the works Xmas party on Friday and they had got it behind the bar. Tried a shot each all we could say was OMG!!! Never tasted anything so good or so smooth. Absolute heaven in a glass. Went out and bought a bottle yesterday 23rd Dec. Once I had found somewhere that had got it in stock.It does not disappoint. :-)
- GP, 24th Dec '12
Wow! I tried it last night - now going to buy myself a bottle! I'm going to enjoy Christmas even more this year!
- DG, 13th Dec '12
nectar in a bottle , a big massive fan .
- drafty, 5th Dec '12
Tried a glass today, neat shot without ice and I have to say its the best pick me up for a cold I have tried for a while. Going to get a bottle in just in case Man-Flu comes calling
- Ian, 26th Nov '12
Heaven in a glass... As ice melts, you lose the honey, so best drank neat
- anonymous, 17th Nov '12
Found out about this at the JD distillery in Lynchburg on the tour. They said you should keep it in the fridge and always drink it cold. It is absolutley gorgeous.
- Sara Murdoch, 17th Nov '12
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