Chopin Rye Vodka Jeroboam

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Chopin Rye Vodka Jeroboam
300cl / 40%
A massive 3 litre Jeroboam of Rye Vodka from Polish company Chopin. As with their Potato vodka, the rye which goes into this is all sourced locally. The rye is distilled four times, blended with their water of choice, and filtered five times before being bottled. The prominent red cap has earned this vodka the name "Chopin Red" over in the US.
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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
We had a bit of an admin error there, seems the "Rye" part had been omitted. Thank you for pointing that out.
- TWE Admin, 30th Apr '12
OK, it's been changed to Rye vodka instead of potato. This is one of the sweetest and smoothest vodkas ever. Delicious even when enjoyed neat at room temerature. A must have for anyone that enjoys excellent vodka.
- anonymous, 27th Apr '12
The finest potatoe vodka on the planet, I only wonder why there is a picture of the Rye vodka version instead to the left?
- anonymous, 25th Apr '12
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