Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum Spirit Drink

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Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum Spirit Drink
70cl / 35%
Released in autumn 2011, Bacardi Oakheart is a spiced rum-based spirit and is so-called because some of the rums are matured in ex-bourbon oak casks. Notes of brown sugar, honey and burnt vanilla custard with a short, lightly cinnamony finish.
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Customer rating (25 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(25 reviews)
Absolutely amazing. Ridiculously smooth, great for shots.
- Jade, 10 days ago
Brings back memories of Caroline Munro. (Google / Wikipedia will explain if you're too young to remember! :-) ). She's still around. Also memories of going to a week-long IBM Users conference, circa 1979. It took over three hotels in Chicago for the week, including the original Conrad Hilton. My room was on the 30-somethingth floor. Every evening there was a free bar from 1800-2300. It was where I discovered Barcardi.
- Long-time Computer Guy, from per-PC era, 30th August
Tried Bacardi Oakheart and was pleasantly surprised. A mellow spiced rum with a pleasing flavour. It's no Sailor Jerry or Ron Barcelo but has a flavour all it's own. I truly enjoy many different rums and will always have some n my supply.
- Mike from Canada., 19th July
Had a couple of drinks of oakheart spiced rum with coca kola just now before lunch, and I love it. I can't believe that I had this bottle lying around for more than a year. Lambs is good in its own right, but if you want to vary your drink from time to time as I do, this is the super alternative.
- Athula, 5th April
it's my fav. rum <3 in love with it's taste
- alejandro, 29th Dec '13
Very harsh on the throat - not a touch on Lamb's Spiced, or even Capt Morgans. Don't believe the hype......
- Greeno, 13th Aug '13
Wan, if you want the old sailor jerry rum, but a bottle of the new recipe and a small bottle of vanilla essence and mix it up. They only removed the vanilla flavour for the uSA market
- Stewart, 7th Feb '13
It just won me over from Capt Morgan, but now after reading the reviews I'm have to try the Lambs
- Bob, New Brunswick, Canada, 4th Jan '13
This is the only spiced rum I can find in France, unless anyone else knows of a better one?
- anonymous, 7th Dec '12
lol i won a bottle on the bacardi fb page lol
- guy mcdade, 29th Nov '12
Gotta try this soon , hope its something like the green island spiced rum From mauritius . Had it there and its necter so hope Oakheart will be as good
- Ozz, 9th Nov '12
It's a bit too sweet for my taste... but then I feel that way about spiced rums in general. My real favorite is Bacardi Black (name now changed to Select). My wife loves Oakheart, though. She says it's a great woman's rum and has introduced it to all her female friends.
- Padraig, 20th Oct '12
Amazing. Great taste, great flavour wat more do U want!!!!
- geeman!!!, 28th Jul '12
absolutely delicious
- leso, 12th Jul '12
Bought a couple of bottle due to an offer. Found it a bit disappointing, to be honest, as I'm looking for that elusive Sailor Jerry replacement. That's not to say it's bad - it's better than Morgan's Spiced for a start - and goes down a little too easily! It's just not spiced enough for my liking.
- Lee Bagnall, 11th Jun '12
i had a drink of bacardi oakheart with coke at a party for the first time wow! good stuff. I bought me a bottle the next day.
- anonymous, 24th Mar '12
A nice spiced rum. I put it as slightly fuller-flavoured than Morgans but not quite as smooth and sweet as Lambs. Will buy this if I can't get Lambs Spiced for some reason. Would ditch all other spiced rums if they bought back Old Recipe Sailor Jerry...
- Wan 2000, 19th Feb '12
Really nice first rum ive tried, bit hard to get hold of though. (Tescos stocked it for about 2/3 weeks over christmas and newyears)
- Betty, 7th Jan '12
Looking forward to trying it, but I also agree with previous comment and don't know why Bacardi stopped making Bacardi Spice Amber Reserva. It was gorgeous.
- anonymous, 19th Dec '11
Just got it for the first time tonight. I'm not generally a fan of spiced rum but I have to say its much better than Morgan's and a hell of a lot better than lambs (disgusting stuff) Will be buying again
- Chad, 16th Nov '11
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