Green Spot / Single Pot Still

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Green Spot / Single Pot Still
70cl / 40%
Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Distillery Bottling
An impressive revamp in the packaging for historic single pot still Irish whiskey Green Spot, which is no longer only available in Dublin grocer Mitchell's and will surely benefit from the increased marketing muscle lavished on it by owners Irish distillers. A cult whiskey.
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CountryIrelandBottlerDistillery Bottling
Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
This is stupendous whiskey, absolutely brilliant whiskey. Worth every penny - truly a shame that it's not more readily available. If you like Redbreast or Powers John's Lane Pot Still whiskies, you'll love this one.
- Glen Huff, Seattle WA, 4th Mar '13
Mindblowing, green apple, fresh, unique, stunning whiskey
- Paulw, 27th Feb '13
Found the first pour of a fresh bottle to be a tad harsh, hoping that mellows now that it's open.
- anonymous, 3rd May '12
My Brother suggested trying Green Spot on my recent trip to Ireland, oh my gosh is this stuff great, brought a bottle home! Smooth drinking.
- Jim, 1st of May 2012, 1st May '12
This is a unique whiskey unlike anything that comes out of Scotland. It is a young whiskey (7-8 years old) the nose is fresh and the taste in full of fresh fruit and mint. The finish is short but very pleasant.I used to import this from Michell's in Ireland until recently. Thankfully I can now buy it from TWE. Hurrah!
- M. Ozdamar, 8th Feb '12
After ignoring their last 2 pure pot stills for decades (having turned the pure pot still Powers, Jameson etc into cheaper blends in the 60's), even trying to kill them off very recently, Irish Distillers have suddenly gone all Irish whiskey heritage mad and have released 3 new ones. Is it because a new independant distillery is coming out with a pure pot still (yes they've renamed theirs single pot still), Cooley is comming out with a pure pot still and Writers tears was doing so well?
- anonymous, 17th Dec '11
Love it, but may decant it into the old bottle, the new packaging makes it look like a bottle of wine.
- Carl Convery, 17th Dec '11
The best Irish whiskey ever.....the only way it can be better is if you are sitting in the Horseshoe Bar at the Shelbourne on St Stephen's Green......brilliant.
- C Millen, Co. Sligo, 25th Nov '11
shame this stuff has gotten so expensive, that being said it is a fantastic whiskey which can only be compared to redbreast at the price. anyone that wants to know potstill is made by distilling malted and unmalted grains togeather (not a blend) to create a new depth of flavour. more expensive to make then single malt but not always better.
- bobby, 9th Nov '11
A superb whiskey, soft and mellow but complex and flavoursome. Love the new packaging as it gives it the more premium look it deserves. The old packaging made it look like a cheap blend
- Martin Shillitoe, 6th Nov '11
A great whisky, and gets better if you open and then leave it for 6 months. I prefer the original bottling though ;)
- anonymous, 3rd Nov '11
great whiskey. my favourite one. simply the best
- i busch , 2nd Nov '11
Flat out the best Irish whiskey I have ever had.
- Darcie J , 28th Oct '11
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