Buffalo Trace Bourbon

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Buffalo Trace Bourbon
70cl / 40%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Buffalo Trace is a really classy bourbon from the eponymous distillery that has been responsible for some truly outstanding products in recent years. A must-stock for any bar worthy of the name and probably the best all-rounder around twenty quid.
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Customer rating (13 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
Exceptional Bourbon, much nicer than the bog standard JD that is more than often used to make due with... Has a good, long lasting taste that is not too strong nor too subtle
- BW, 25th August
A very good class bourbon, if you like this, try Woodford Reserve...superb. I used to drink JD until I tried these. I just have a JD maybe once a year now just to remind me how bad it really is. Think about it, its so commercialised you can damn near buy it at the post office!
- Phil G, 11th August
I must be honest I got this because I wanted to drink an Old Fashioned, this drink went well with the cocktail, I will be buying another bottle of this product.
- Connoisseur King, 21st July
Never had the pleasure of the 45%, but this (40%) is still a top notch bourbon. Lovely flavour, not too sweet, very smooth. I'd love to try the 45%, but until then this is a great drink.
- anonymous, 14th July
A great whisky! It's one of my favourite bourbons and up there with Jim Beam Black. Goes down very easy and very smooth too. Totally trumps JD in my opinion.
- Tim, 9th July
Excellent stuff. I'm enjoying this much more than JD or jim beam. Smooth, real easy drinker and really good with coke too! Highly recommended
- Z, 9th July
Ok - just - but very poor when compared with the 45% version....Makers Mark considered watering down their product a while ago but responded to public pressure to stay at the higher rating - that would have been the right decision here......
- MolesFriend, 18th April
This is a fantastic drink. I've not had the opportunity to taste the 45%, but for the money, this (40%) is very hard to beat. One of my favourite every day bourbons, very smooth and easy to drink. The bottle doesn't last very long!
- anonymous, 28th February
This is one of the best for the price, best drunk straight- without ice. Not as sweet as Jack D and a bit more refined than Jim B. Really is well worth a try
- Steve Nye, 4th Dec '13
A good whisky for the price. I personally cant tell much difference between this and Jim Beam, but i am a newbie to the whisky drinking, im loving Makers Mark at the minute.
- anonymous, 1st Nov '13
Had a taste of this Bourbon and was pleasantly surprised so much so that i bought a bottle which i've added to my other selection's
- Mike Edinburgh, 29th Oct '12
Cannot believe they've done this. Regular pour for years, but always wished it was a little higher proof. Don't know what it tastes of because I will never buy bourbon below 45%. Just does not do it for me.
- anonymous, 2nd Feb '12
A lesser whisky then the old 45% version, the same flavour but lacking in oomph in a way that makes this drinker very sad. Bring it back to its full streingh please :(
- anonymous, 22nd Jan '12
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