Bruichladdich 10 Year Old / The Laddie Ten

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Bruichladdich 10 Year Old / The Laddie Ten
70cl / 46%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A long awaited whisky from Bruichladdich - a 10 year old comprising solely of unpeated spirit produced since Murray McDavid took over the distillery at the turn of the century. A landmark in their production and the beginning of a new age for the distillery.

Please note this is limited to 2 bottles per customer.
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Customer rating (17 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Notes

Character: Dream fulfilled. Rich and assertive with that unique creaminess of the Laddie. The non chill-filtered spirit drifts serenely over the palate, warming the taste buds. It is going to linger with you as long as malts twice its age.

Colour: Golden Medium Amber Honey Tone

Nose: Precursor to the flavours you will find on the palate: first, a combination of honey and a zing of fresh lemon. Then fresh, estery air bubbles of banana, ,apricot, peach and ripe cantaloupe melon. The backdrop is a hint of the warm, ocean breeze blowing over the sand dunes and shore meadows alive with the waft of wild flowers - Hebridean harmonisation. Given time, and a splash of spring water, the sweet oak brings light vanilla with a hint of nutty chocolate, with the crispness of warm, crusty, freshly baked bread.

Palate: The mellow, oak sweetness is welcoming as are hints of bourbon and gingerbread, sherry and sultanas; and as they move on, there are the lighter, icing sugar-coated fruits. It’s fresh and frictionless, the texture of warm honey - then dry, crispy, malt barley; together with the oak they merge beautifully to cradle the lighter flavours, adding the strong pulse to our long awaited Laddie!

Finish: It’s exceptionally long for a 10 year old thanks to the natural oils from the malted barley still in the spirit. This is critical for the mouth feel and aftertaste, it begs the question – why do distillers remove the very essence of the spirit?

Mood: Expansive. Generous. Sharing a sunset over Lossit beach. It’s a breath of Islay, a rare and precious union of nature and centuries old skills. It has the same passion as that of ‘the men who saw a shining light and thought that they could turn it into a dream’ 10 years ago.

Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
A great product, superb quality in a fanstic package. Well worth the money. A great gift.
- Grant Marshall, 9th July
Lacks sophistication with a slightly medicinal tang that I wouldn't expect in an island whisky. Nice whisky but doesn't compare to the Port Charlotte for example.
- anonymous, 9th July
Not the best Bruichladdich - 12yr old before it and the original 10 yr old before that even better. But that said one of the best easy drinking whiskys I have ever drunk: a good one to introduce new whisky drinkers too as well. Definitely don't add water.
- Will Cresswell, 9th July
IMHO it's massive mistake for Bruichladdich to be discontinuing the Laddie 10. A massive mistake.
- Mr_Claw, 17th June
I'm no expert, I'm not a whisky snob either. I've tried a few, I really like hp12, glenfarclas 10, balvenie double It's no worse than these in my opinion, the aromas settle after a few minutes, I tend to add one drop of water and find this generally helps on the nose. I'd go for it if you're reading this, doesn't seem that the distillery make this one any more explaining the two bottle limit.
- En_robot, 9th April
Off the Official website, this is now a dearly-departed collectible - in fact, all bottles of ANY Scotch with an age above 10 years is slowly becoming "collectible". The price proves it. Lovely dram, very good, but not THAT stunning. Other 10yo of Aberlour, Laphroaig, Talisker, Glengoyne etc... will be a nice companion.
- Toronto Tim (Canada), 31st March
A wonderful journey and surprising depth for such a young malt. Add a tad bit of water and spend some time with this one! I have to respectfully disagree with the other reviewers suggesting to exclude water from this one...just be conservative and find the sweet spot of how much to add, then you'll find the true depth of the savory briny notes coming out balanced by fresh citrus and herbal character. Fantastic and interesting!
- WB, 28th March
I agree pleasant enough, don't spoil it with water. But i must add - it lacks flavour, i had hoped for more "ummf". There simply isn't enough body for the 46% alc. And complex`? Then i don't think we got it from the same batch. But at 30£ - a decent buy.
- Danish Whisky Librabry, 5th Nov '13
Very pleasantly surprised. An elegant, balanced lightly peated dram with a mellow creaminess and a hint of spice.
- John, 23rd Sep '13
The L10 is VERY nice! If you have never had a peated whisky this is the one to start with! Although the canister says unpeated, clearly, there is a nice amount of peat for beginners to savor. Love the honey notes, the bannana nose, and the spicy finish. It's definately one to stock the old liquor cabinet with and money well spent, LOL.
- anonymous, 28th Mar '13
This is a malt of the highest quality, non-chillfiltered and with no caramel colouring in it. For under 30 GBP, this is easily the finest Islay malt on the market. I recently poured the last dram from my bottle and I have enjoyed every drop of it. I would definitely buy it again.
- Juergen - Netherlands, 2nd Jan '13
Words can't really do justice how good this stuff is, all I can say is it is absolutely superb.
- Smithery-Baggins, 10th Dec '12
A great malt. Rapidly becoming one of my favourites in the "very affordable yet extraordinarily drinkable" realm of Scotch. I disagree with the "no water" comments, although to each his own (I suppose)! In my opinion a teaspoon or two really brings out the inner qualities of The Laddie; a rich, mellow creaminess beneath a nautical tang - the whole impression is gorgeous and smooth. I find a sliced apple is a really nice accompaniment.
- John Chapman, 11th Oct '12
Over all a quality malt, but I didn't like those buttery notes. In the palate there is also something fish oil like.
- Mikko, 22nd Aug '12
No water in this one please! This is excellent stuff but in my opinion water ruins it. It's perfectly drinkable at 46% ABV.
- Juergen - Netherlands, 3rd Jul '12
Fantastically complex, both on the nose and the palate, but go very light on the water.
- anonymous, 23rd Jun '12
Pleasant enough but not as good as I hoped it would be and doesn't take water very well.
- Mike, 4th Mar '12
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