Templeton Rye

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Templeton Rye
75cl / 40%
Straight Rye Whiskey
A rye whiskey made to an old prohibition era recipe. This was allegedly Al Capone's favourite whiskey, back in the days when it was illegal to make it, and it's been resurrected for the 21st century. Made and bottled in small batches, it's an old fashioned whiskey with a little bit of history.
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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
This is unlike any Rye I have tried before, in that there is no burn on the delivery but it is still full of flavour with a super long finish. Will be getting another bottle when this one is finished which won't be long.
- Steve, 31st July
One of the smoothest rye whiskey's you'll ever come across in your life. Its such a small batch whiskey that it is one of the most in demand whiskey's you can get right now. In Iowa, where they make it, it is gone (usually) the same day an order comes in from the liquor store. Utterly fantastic and smooth. It is a must for all those love a good small batch American whiskey.
- Devin, 20th Feb '12
Awesome for the price!
- Vin, 7th Dec '11
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