Jack Daniel's Winter Jack Apple Punch

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Jack Daniel's Winter Jack Apple Punch
70cl / 15%
A special edition winter drink from Jack Daniel's, originally made for the Jack-crazy German market. A punch with JD, apple, cinnamon and cloves, ideal for serving piping hot to keep the cold away.
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Customer Reviews:(21 reviews)
I am by no means a jack daniels drinker but my husband is..he bought a bottle of winter jack and I actually like it!!!
- anonymous, 26th Oct '13
Maybe this page is dated, but im a service member stationed in Ft. Drum, NY and they sell it on post here. Saw it in the class 6 store and knew after my experiences with Honey Jack that it was worth a go.. Its extremely smooth on its own, being a lower proof than regular Jack (30 vs. 80), but the taste is still there and my wife and I are both presently enjoying it. Cant go wrong with any JD product.
- anonymous, 16th Oct '13
Ive just cracked open my bottle of winter jack even thou its meant to be part of my collection of JD but dying to try it and what a surprise it was with the flavour ,, omg one of the most amazing drinks ive ever tasted ,,, have to by another for my collection and many more fir personnel consumption:D
- anonymous, 10th Aug '13
Just got some today can't wait to try it :)
- anonymous, 9th Aug '13
winter jack is the best!! why isn't this available year round i can't go with out this until next winter!
- Bob, 6th Feb '13
OMG this was an awesome drink. We liked it best with Ginger Ale (but not too much). I am so disappointed that it is no longer around in the stores here on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. :-(
- anonymous, 2nd Jan '13
Ok - I love JD and all of its products - I was so excited about a winter warmer from JD , I ordered the bottle straight away. I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED by this product. It had a sour almost bitter taste which I found lingered on my palette. I think this was a bad choice for JD to market this. If anyone wants a heavily discounted bottle of the stuff - then there is one available in Norfolk !!!!! £23 wasted.
- Adrian Fytche, 13th Nov '12
Just received mine today, another fast and reliable delivery service from TWE. Look forward to opening mine and enjoying over Christmas
- Dan, 5th Nov '12
Bought as a perfect gift by @Benjywam Treating it like Gold in a bottle. The Honey Jack is sooooooo nice. Nice Neat & I like mine tall with ice & coke. Tho it's suggested to use lemonade !! Both are nice xx. I am yet to try the White Rabbit x
- Corrina Stephens, 22nd Oct '12
I got this as a Heart's Warming Eves present but haven't had a taste until just recently. So just now I decided to gift one next year. It's strong as a horse but tasty as the rainbow.
- F. Posey, 29th Mar '12
Read all the reviews before Christmas and was gutted the stock had run out. Stock levels were thankfully returned days after Boxing day so ordered 6. 2 give as gifts, 4 drank at our house party. A raving success!! Got to stock up as I don't want this to run out again. I expect this to be a bigger hit when we get some snow.
- Wayne, 24th Jan '12
This went down very well at Christmas. Pleasantly surprised.
- DBS, 18th Jan '12
A great addition to the Jack Daniel's range. A nice drink which went down very quickly after opening. Not a lot of strength but its made up for with the taste!
- Steel Horse Cowboy Thommo, 5th Jan '12
Bought a bottle to try - absolutely love it - please get more in stock so we can order some more!!
- Jane, 18th Dec '11
Bought one of these for Christmas. What's the best way to serve? Warm obviously, but is it served as is or mixed with something?
- DG, 17th Dec '11
I bought a bottle of this when i was in LA back in september visiting family. It was fantastic , cant wait for it to get in the stores in the uk. 10/10 drinkability!
- Kris, 7th Dec '11
Live in Kentucky but now an Expat in Germany. Saw this in our local German market and grabbed a bottle for the winter. Was surprised they don't sell it in the States. It would go over well. Happy Winter!
- Sharie, 7th Dec '11
I ordered 2 bottles of this and kinda wish I'd gone for more ... mix it with Redbull ... lush! And try the JD honey liqueur too ... my recent stash vanished in a week!
- Chris, 3rd Dec '11
I have ordered a total of 5 bottles. Just fantastic. Hope it will last me the winter. Wish it was sold in the USA
- anonymous, 3rd Dec '11
I wasn't sure about this when I saw the strength. Heated some slowly in a saucepan and gave it a go. Great taste and aroma. . Hot toddie in a bottle, so glad I bought two now
- Stretch , 29th Nov '11
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