Abhainn Dearg / Spirit of Lewis

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Abhainn Dearg / Spirit of Lewis
50cl / 46%
Scotch Single Malt Spirit
Distillery Bottling
Spirit of Lewis is single malt spirit from the Abhainn Dearg distillery on the Isle of Lewis. Bottled from a single cask at 46%, Spirit of Lewis has been aged for less than three years and therefore cannot legally be called whisky.
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Customer rating (5 reviews)
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CountryScotlandRegionIslandBottlerDistillery Bottling
Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
I bought this some time ago and I was a bit confused at first. It's not at all what you expect from what is to be a whisky. But that's just it. It is not whisky, it's a spirit that has been aged for just a few months (six I believe). Comparing that to multiple years of maturation is quite unfair. Spirits simply taste different and you shouldn't want it to be more than what it is. I'm still figuring out what I think of it, but I'm starting to really like it. I haven't tried the three year old single malt yet, so I'm curious to see how this will develop.
- Thomas Leysen (Belgium), 18th August
I completely disagree with the 1st two reviews above….. whisky snobbery at its most vile…. Abhainn Dearg is a pleasure to taste and relax with….. I'll gladly buy this time & time again….
- Roddy Maclean, 19th January
Dear God. Just don't. I have never poured away a measure of whisky before but this is just vile. The overwhelming nose and taste is of burnt bike tyres. There is some sweetness hiding behind there but it is completely masked by the overpowering taste. One to be kept for visitors you dislike.
- Chris Lowe, 9th Sep '13
Very disappointing indeed. A someone who likes whisky and tries whiskies from all over the world, this one let me down. A wild wind swept Scottish island looks a sure fire recipe for a winner but this is no Kilchoman. The taste was vinegar like and It takes the record as the bottle I most regret buying. Indeed. It is the only whisky/spirit I am sorry that I have spent my money on. Sadly my friends agreed and I still have half a bottle left.
- Richard BonAccord, 4th Jan '13
Promising dram that shows signs of becoming another well regarded Island malt although it will be another decade before its full potential can be judged.
- Steven Elefson, 24th Apr '12
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