Hapsburg Traditional Absinthe / Green Label

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Hapsburg Traditional Absinthe / Green Label
50cl / 72.5%
Hapsburg Traditional is a strong absinthe which should be diluted with water before consumption. Please do not drink this product neat.
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Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
very nice with ice cold water! a little harsher than La fee i found but thats pprobably partly because of the higher alc content. It has a stronger anise taste than La fee which i like! Very good. Buy it, buy it, buy it!
- dude no.2, 19th February
Bittersweet, powerful and clean best describes this flavoursome spirit. I drink mine with bitter lemon (Rêverie d'Aubrey), which compliments the absinthe well, but ice-cold water is a good companion, too.
- AGW, 15th Jul '13
Good Taste, not too strong. Great service as always from the The Whisky Exchange.
- anonymous, 6th May '12
Delivery came within 1 day of being accepted and processed. Great service and bottle looks amazing. A previous absinthe drinker i cant wait to open this for friday night. Beautiful drink.
- Mark, 27th Oct '11
great, love it
- anonymous, 20th Jul '11
A nice even flavour, with a clear aroma, make sure it's properly diluted (I'd say ~5-7 parts of ice-cold water per part of absinthe) and it should go a cloudy green/grey colour. Also, don't put fire anywhere near your absinthe! Not only will you risk singeing your eyebrows off you'll ruin a perfectly good drink!
- anonymous, 13th May '11
i tried this the other day, it is just like really strong sambuca...beautiful
- Shane, 13th Feb '11
This one is really good! It's not too strong either. It's perfect.
- anonymous, 14th Jan '08
ahhhhh evil! but, rather good at the same time..... indeed gooooood!
- dude, 24th Dec '07
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