Jim Beam Honey

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Jim Beam Honey
70cl / 35%
Jim Beam's take on the popular honey and whiskey liqueur. Made with Jim Beam's bourbon and real golden honey. Notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak with a superb honey finish. We recommend having this slightly chilled or over ice.

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Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
A bit too sweet for me, but I do like bourbon straight.
- anonymous, 24th February
This is very much the Jim Beam bourbon taste infused with a sweet honey (Mead) flavour. Very good on the rocks.
- anonymous, 18th Dec '13
I love this drink. On it's own, no ice. So smooth with a little sweetness. Far better than jd honey which tends to have an almost toffee/honeycomb (crunchie variety) flavour to it. Slightly less abv at 35% but that's a good thing as it slides down very easily. Top bourbon for me closely followed by the black cheery red stag variety. 10/10.
- Mark Tudor, 25th Nov '13
Definitely the better of Beam versus Daniels in the honey flavoured bourbon stakes and Wild Turkey given a good pasting as well. Tasting notes are exactly as others here describes it, mmmmmmmmmmm!
- anonymous, 11th Nov '13
I have to agree with said review above. The drink of gods. Delicious!! Dont expect it to last long as its far to easy to drink and go back for another. I drink mine on the rocks, and just sip it all night. Not strong enough flavour if mixed with cola, JD honey better for that, but JB honey defo the best.
- anonymous, 27th May '13
Have had two bottles of jim beam honey to date, very nice sipping bourbon, big tumbler with ice and a generous helping!! Not too strong/over-powering honey taste, which can be a downside if you're mixing it, the flavour can get lost with too much cola. I'd suggest it to anyone who fancies something a bit differnt to normal bourbon
- anonymous, 21st Apr '13
Absolutely love this drink. Really smooth, one of the few bourbons i enjoy on its own. Bottle is gone before you know it.
- S., 10th Aug '12
I bought the Jack Daniels Honey when they released it. Haven't tried it yet. Got the Jim Beam for my birthday a few days ago. Gonna give it a try tonight.
- Tristram McDonald , 20th May '12
No reviews? Should be. Should be a shed load of raving eulogies goin' on 'ere mate. This stuff is an Elixir! Especially if you're already a Jim Beam fan - That signature light smokey bourbon mixed with a delicious pure honey Mead. Yum! Perhaps the finest drink known to man? Definately a drink for the Gods!
- anonymous, 29th Apr '12
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