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La Fee Parisienne Absinthe
70cl / 68%
La Fée Absinthe Parisienne is distilled in Paris based on a 19th Century recipe containing wormwood and is the only absinthe authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the absinthe museum.
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Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
Okay . . . . bought it as my first absinthe. First "real" absinthe, anyway. It is exactly what you would expect. Strong. Don't drink it neat. It's pretty stout for that. Put enough ice-cold water through the sugar cube to get the 'loache' effect, completely opaque but quite adding water before the drink turns completely white. Pretty weak by then. Now I will have to try some of the other, just to make sure.
- Cooter in Iowa, 19th Aug '13
As all regulatory ABSINTHE makers know, it is the Thujone in the oil that is to always be avoided. If you want thujone, I suggest you buy the essential oil and drink some then rub some all over your body. The OIL(!) is a neurotoxin, but like many other things, such as Juniper in English gin, you'll find that the object is not to extract thujone. It has to do with a combo of herbs and proper alc, then you'll be on your way to finding a good absinthe.
- anonymous, 21st Jun '12
An aquired Taste BUT all to easy to aquire.
- Simon, sep 2011, 14th Oct '11
Top notch absinthe and I got a little sugar spoon thrown in - bonus !Quite morish though so be warned.
- Mike, 6th Mar '11
Why do so many people think that you should set fire to this?It's a marketing stunt made to make the drink have more "character".Dilute 1pt Absinthe to 5-7pts ice cold pring water, poured over a slotted spoon with a sugar cube.DO NOT SET FIRE TO IT.Sheep.
- Tyrunn, 29th Aug '10
La Fee won't make you do anything. There isn't nearly enough thujone to have any noticeable effects.
- Jerad, 22nd Apr '10
Looks radioactive! ...and trust me, you'll be nuked!
- anonymous, 10th Feb '10
I brought a bottle of this home from London, Its fun to do the rituals with the sugar cubes and fire. If your expecting to hallucinate from this you should consider a different Absinthe. Taste nice though and gets very milky looking once you add water.
- anonymous, 26th Jan '10
I'm suing - Made me cut my bloody ear off!
- Vincent, 11th Nov '09
it is gorgeous!
- anonymous, 2nd Sep '08
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